Latest Ways To Turn Off The Autoplay Feature On Facebook Application

After updating the Facebook application on an Android device, some settings for this application will reset again. One of the active features even though it has been turned off before is the autoplay feature With this feature, the feeds that appear in the form of videos will be automatically played. 

This feature is certainly good because the user doesn’t have to bother tapping the smartphone screen to start playing the video. But not everyone likes this feature. For example, I prefer the option to play videos manually.

One of the reasons why I didn’t activate this autoplay feature is to save quota. In addition, sometimes the automatic video makes the smartphone specs are experiencing lag. 

The option to turn off the autoplay feature can be found in the settings menu. But at each update display, the social networking application interface sometimes experiences minor changes. So sometimes some people are confused when looking for where the autoplayfeature is in the settings menu. 

Latest Ways to Turn Off the Autoplay Feature on Facebook Applications

1. Please log in to your Facebook application. Type the settings menu in the top right corner.

2. Please scroll down then tap Settings & Privacy options

3. Tap the

4. Select Media And Contact then select Autoplay

5. Select the Never Autolay Videos option


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