The Working Way To Solve Facebook Account Locked or Disabled

Since Facebook has gained popularity, the social network has also become more stringent in enforcing its rights and responsibilities throughout the site. As a result, a deviation from rules, even slightly, may cause an account to be closed or disabled. In most cases, the replenishment is quite quick, but in cases where security or use problems occur, it can be a lot more difficult to make a contract.

This article will guide you through the various reasons why your Facebook account might be blocked or disabled, and give you tips on how to continue with your account creation.

  1. How To Recover Facebook Account
  2. Disabled Accounts
  3. Facebook Reviewing ID
  4. Facebook Reviewing Additional Documents
  5. Facebook Account Recovery
  6. How To Prevent Your Account from Being Locked
  7. How to restore your Facebook account
As mentioned above, many reasons why blocked a Facebook account or disabled and these reasons can be divided into four main categories: on-site maintenance, non-compliance with the terms of use, and the community and security standards. Before you come directly to Facebook, it is important that you identify and understand the possible reasons for your blocked account so that your concerns can be resolved adequately by the Facebook team.

Facebook Account Disabled

It is also possible for your account to be disabled due to a user or a system error. If some of your friends inadvertently reported any of your content as abusive or spam, Facebook automatically marks your account when searching for published content. It is also possible that another user has reported that your account is incorrect and that your account has been deleted.

If you believe that your account has been inadvertently disabled, you can submit the Facebook decision by completing a form (see link). After submitting, Facebook will investigate the problem. Note that applications are not guaranteed in a certain time. You may have to wait a few weeks.

Facebook takes its security measures very seriously, so if an account appears any kind of security threat, the system automatically marks the revision that will disable the user access. Creating an account under a false identity, encouraging illegal, unsolicited contact for appointments, other user harassment, inappropriate advertising or spam or general activity: Other reasons may include suspicious of any of the following.

Facebook Reviewing ID

If Facebook suspects that you have two accounts or have set up an account with an incorrect name, you can receive a message: You will be sent to the email address after checking your identification. You are now blocked by Facebook. If this is the case, there is not much to do before Facebook answers the problem and does not contact you.

Facebook Reviewing Additional Documents

Another common error message received by users is as follows: Unfortunately, you can not access your account when reviewing these additional documents. Thank you for your patience and we will contact you as soon as possible. If so, you will be prompted to submit additional documents to enable Facebook to verify your identity.

You can learn more about the type of documents that Facebook agrees to how to upload your documents to why you need to download a document and what happens to your document after downloading it here.

When you load your documents, make sure that sensitive information (such as your license number or passport) is blurred to reduce the risk of identity theft. All documents must be unambiguously scanned, showing your name, birthday and photo correctly.

After the documents are scanned and saved to your computer, access the contact form, click Download, and select the file that contains your ID. Remember that Facebook may take several weeks to respond to your request. Also note that if you have created your Facebook account with an incorrect ID, or if your account name does not exactly match the name of your documents, you can not recover your account.

Facebook Account recovery

Here are some tips for restoring access to a blocked or disabled Facebook account. Note that the account creation time may vary depending on the reason for a blocked account.

Accounts that are considered as phishing, compromised, or compromised can be disabled by Facebook. In this case, you can do this in two ways: by cleaning your browser or by performing an additional verification process.

Do not try to open your Facebook account for about 96 hours. Delete the cache of your browser and delete the cookies. In some cases, this may be sufficient to restore access to the account.

If your connection attempts continue, you can also go through an additional automated security verification process. One way to do this is to confirm your cell phone number by asking Facebook to send a code to your phone that you can enter online. Another method is to check your friends by identifying them in random photos in which they are marked. If you are successful, you will receive a congratulatory message and can access your account.

How To Prevent Your Account from Being Locked

There is no exact science that can guarantee access to your account at any time. However, you can take steps to prevent your account from being blocked, selected, or disabled.
Our first recommendation would be to review the declaration of the rights and obligations of Facebook and to comply with the uniform Community standards. Any deviation from these rules will be reported quickly and could lead to an investigation of your account.

We also do not recommend using proxies or servers that use anonymous IP addresses to access blocked Web sites. The use of proxy servers can have a negative impact on a Facebook account because Proxies Facebook is not known and can affect overall network security.

Finally, we recommend that you do not have access to multiple devices on your account at the same time. While, of course, Facebook allows you to authenticate multiple devices, accessing your account on multiple devices can simultaneously be seen as a security breach. Always log off from the device you are using before you connect to another device.

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