The Excellent 10 Productive Ways to Spend Time on the Internet in 2021

Amazingly, for us, the intelligent generation of the Internet, it is fairly easy to have a myopia with the means. In the face of the great scale of the Internet, there is much to see, do, and learn, and most of us find the same horror. In this publication, I will talk about how you can work to reorient this passive energy and consume it more productively from Facebook. To turn the Facebook window off, consider the following recommendations to make the most of the Internet and be productive. Believe me, there is much more on the Internet than narcissistic indulgences.

1. Learn something new

One is never too old to learn a new skill. And no fate is ever lost. Sites like Coursera and MIT OpenCourseware are excellent sources of knowledge and offer free courses on a variety of topics and skills.
If it was not for a course, visit sites like Quora (a fun chat community), LifeHacker (a tip on how to do things), StumbleUpon (provides good recommendations on sites that tell you your interests), HowStuffWorks wise about the things that surround you), Duolingo (a fun web application to learn the basics of a new language) or even Wikipedia, besides (maybe) to your IQ or know something more than you did yesterday. have discovered that learning something new makes the mind excited and excited. And all this for free!

2. Develop the views and views of the world

The only thing worse than a person without opinion is someone with absurd opinions. Download your social quotient by recording the visions of the world and the prospects by subscribing to interesting YouTube channels or collecting interesting offers on TEDTalks (a personal favorite I must say). If you’d rather read something, my top selection would be FastCompany (I’ve read religiously your articles, case studies and blogs), Entrepreneur (for inspiring businesses), and Goodreads (for reading on the next great book).

3.Organise your Life

Instead of contenting with your time on the Internet, make an effort to organize your life. To begin, try to organize your computer files (you know what images of batteries you thought of the command? Start there). You can even drop your inbox from time to time. Respond to all the e-mails that you put into the queue. It is a good feeling to wake up on a blank empty box (or a blank version). Another productive thing to do is to use free time on the internet so your finances are in order, pay your bills and watch your investment. And if you are interested in this, look for Investopedia for advice and lessons on personal finance and investment.

4. Update your personal and professional life

Use your free time to contact family and friends. Make a Skype call instead of leaving a text message. Sometimes a hearty conversation with a dear friend is all you need to make yourself productive.
And even though, by chance, you absolutely love your work, it does not hurt to update your resume (or a professional profile on sites like LinkedIn from time to time. It is sometimes a good control of personal development. Let this exercise be a reminder for you to follow the skills and remain productive.

5. Smart Shop

I am an avid online buyer and I find online shopping (especially for high-participation products) as a special presenter because I lack useful consultants in my physical space. A new discovery, for me, was the concept of online coupons. Some of them are really useful for getting good deals and rates on products through some websites. I’ve searched for shops on CupoNation (available in several geographic areas) and Cupondunia (an Indian coupon portal). Look for a coupon company that works around your geography and make you smart online purchases.
And if you do not feel comfortable, you can also reduce the details of your credit card, online purchases can reduce your options at least. It is my idea to buy these days.

6. Select a new application 

In this world of Android and iOS, you can always suggest an application to make your life a little easier. On the most beautiful Sundays, when I’m too bored to navigate someone’s social status, I enjoy Google Play for the latest apps and productivity games. I found many applications and chrome extensions that made my professional as well as your personal life a little more organized and informed in many ways.

7. Get a virtual assistant 

If you need to remember to respond to emails, pick up milk or pay your bills, with a virtual assistant can not be a bad choice. Task lists and time management applications are, so to speak, a blessing. It is always good for someone to remember these small details for you if you are not so good at programming every day.

8. Make a world trip on your desktop

I recently found this suggestion on a website. Google Street View is a super fun application to make a quick visit anywhere in the world, literally, to make the comfort of your sofa. I think this is a great tool to find holiday destinations or just take a break from the monotony of everything.

9. Choose a Hobby from Pinterest 

I’ve been a fan of fire all my life and Pinterest has tracked it even more. On a day off you will probably find that I’m looking for tips and tricks from DIY or navigation through recipe tables. This is a great place to look for information on things you like – from trendy food to fonts, to how you can improve them, and even find new things.

10.Create a Blog and write about your Passion

I hate to admit it, but from all the things I find time, I never have time to deal with my own thoughts. This is one of the main reasons I asked, because somehow I found that I think well when I write (and I write better than I speak). Writing really helps to clarify the thinking and sometimes this is the only introspection that you need.

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