The Easiest Way To Recover Unsaved Word Document in Microsoft Office

When working on a Windows computer, you must use Microsoft Word to create documents. Writing of letters, applications, articles, etc. are mostly finished in Word documents and are stored on the computer mainly in .doc or .docx format.

As a blogger, I use MS Word every day to write new articles on the blog, to read the blog posts, I get from writers and many other activities.

As you know, when you create a document, you must save it to the hard disk of your computer so you can access it later. If you do not keep it, you will not have it with you. That is why we keep our records when we create them. Since I have been working with computers for years, I usually press Ctrl + S between work so that nothing remains unattended.

But sometimes we lose ourselves to save the document and close the document accidentally. Sometimes, because of the lack of power or any other reason, we can lose our document, and everything goes in vain.

I know the pain at the beginning, I was the victim of such situations. At the time, the computer was new to me, so I was not aware of the hacks and tricks of MS Word. But now I know good tricks that help me in such situations. In this blog entry, we will try to find the solution to retrieve the unregistered document.

There is a workaround for this problem because Microsoft Word saves your work to a temporary file while you are typing or editing it in the document. The function is called Autosave. Although this is a standard feature, you should check your Word software for the option of whether or not it is being scanned.

Go to File => Options => Save, and make sure that both options are checked below:


If the “Automatically save the last saved version automatically when I close without saving” option is not selected, you may not see the automatically saved file that you will read below. Just make sure that it is checked.

Note => Always set the automatic reactivation time at least 1 minute. You can change it to 1 and save the settings.

Method 1 => Restore from the Microsoft Word Autosave function

As you’ve just read above, your MS Word must be enabled to save the saved version of your document. Then this method will only work. If the options listed above are not enabled, select them before you perform these problems.

For now, taking into account that your MS Word activated auto-save function, let’s see the steps.

Step 1 => Open the Word MS by typing Winword in Run (Windows + R) or manually by double-clicking the desktop icon or clicking the Start menu.

Step 2 => Once the word is open, go to File => info => Revert Versions => Retrieve unregistered version

You will find unregistered documents.

Step 3 => Select it and click Open. You will see this:

Step 4 => You can now click Save as and save the file to your computer.

Note => Step 2 can be performed in a different way. Just click File => New and you’ll see the “Retrieve the Unsaved Document”


Click on this and you will see the unsaved documents that you can open and retrieve as you read earlier in this publication.

This allows you to retrieve your unregistered document.

Hooray !!!

Is the method not easy?

Method 2 => Restore the document recovery

When you close a Word document without saving it and reopening it, you can view the document recovery window on the left side of the Word document. Just click to open this restored file and save it for future use.

It is also a simple method to restore unregistered files.

Remember that unregistered and lost Word files are different. If you lost a saved file when you delete it, you can restore it from the backup file (.wbk), but an unregistered file does not have a backup like this. However, they have .asd files created on the basis of the time you set in AutoRecovery. If you have set 1 minute, every 1 minute, the contents of the document are automatically saved in a .asd file. Later, the document is closed without saving; You can always get it by opening this .asd file Creates based on the time that you set in AutoRecovery. If you have set 1 minute, every 1 minute, the contents of the document are automatically saved in a .asd file. Later, the document is closed without saving; You can always get it by opening this .asd file and that’s exactly what you’ve learned in this blog entry
There may be many other options for restoring unsaved Word documents. But I like these two methods, because they are simple but effective to restore all unregistered Word document in most cases, and that is why I have simplified things and shared the exact methods to get.


MS Word is a tool we all use on a daily basis, so make adjustments before use to avoid any loss that may occur due to the loss of important documents. This is important because when the automatic backup time lasts approximately 10 minutes, your document is automatically backed up every 10 minutes so you can not recover full data in most cases. So, before you start, set 1 minute PowerSave so that what you write in the document is automatically saved every 1 minute and when you close it without backup, you can restore the almost complete document using the method In this blog entry.

Note: I used Microsoft Word 2010 to perform the methods.

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