The Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year

A little planning can save you a lot of money when it comes to buying all year round. Here is your complete guide, always updated to the best times to buy all the year.
You probably know that sometimes things are cheaper.

Whether you buy a plane ticket, go to dinner, buy online or buy something else, there is often a “better time to buy”. Every year we make a list of the best times to buy things based on when stores try to do it. Remove the old stock when the prices for the next vacation fall, or when you sell for no good reason. See the chart below for an overview of the year, or read more.

You can find this information in many different places, from great guides like’s Best Buying Guide to PC World’s special shopping guide for gadgets. However, to make the guide as accurate as possible, we searched for more specific and individualized sources for each article to make sure that you are looking for deals at the right time (and we did the articles for those who did not provide clear consignment for the consensual Part or the aluminum cookware).

For each article, click on the source link for more information on when and how you buy.
Even if you’re looking for more accurate news per minute, we recommend that you check the best monthly time to buy dealnews features: it will highlight many things we do here, as well as special gadgets (like the latest iPad or Xbox One and PlayStation 4). For a larger description of the year read on!

First quarter (January / February / March)

Boats: It’s not just the season of the boats, it’s also the season of boat shows, which means we have many models, especially the models of the last year, at a good price (without you expect that there will be fewer conditions). [Boatline, Bankrate]
Computer Monitors: There are many times you can take low-cost monitors (Black Friday, anyone?), But January and February shipping times are excellent. [PC World]
Gas grills and air conditioners: They are obviously out of season (at least in the coldest states) and, if you’re not a fan of air conditioning, you probably do not want to be at the top and the best. [Bank charges]
Wedding Supplies: Everyone wants a spring wedding, which means it’s much easier to find a place and negotiate winter service prices, of course depending on location. [Bank charges]
Coats and winter clothing: The more you start the winter, the better the prices because everyone has theirs already. If you need to improve, try surviving a winter with your old coat before retiring. [TIME, Dealnews]


Clothing: Have you ever been to a clothing store after Christmas? It’s incredible. Everyone has crazy sales after holiday fever, so it’s a good time to buy extra clothes if you need them. The selection will not always be great, but the prices will be. [Di Vincenzo]
Broadway Tickets: Broadway’s longest months are winter and fall, so January is a good time to look for discounts. You probably will not find them for the most popular programs, but if you try to diversify them, it’s time to do it. [CNN]
Carpets and Floors: Most people buy carpets at the end of the year in anticipation of the holidays. As soon as January comes, prices will go down. [SuperSite of carpet]
Furniture: Different pieces of furniture are better at different times of the year (and we have seen examples of them), but January is a good time for general approval, as most furniture manufacturers launch new products twice a year: February and August. This means they will do good business in January to make room for new products next month. [Furniture Tapes, Bankrate, Dealnews]
Gift Cards: Not so “official,” but just after the holidays, it’s a good time to go to gift card sites like Plastic Jungle to find discount coupons. At this time of year, all their unwanted cards are exchanged for cash. []
Bedding and linens: Since John Wannamaker began the first “white sale” in 1878, January was the best month to
Motorcycles: It’s very cold outside. Not to mention the frost. It’s not a good climate to ride a bike, but if you’re thinking of buying a bike, buy it in January and wait for the snow to melt. []
Costumes: In January, many people do not buy costumes so you can see lower prices to enter the store. Remember, however, that you get what you pay for, so do not overdo it with cost reduction. [Di Vincenzo]
Video Games: At the end of the fall, many new video games will be released for the Christmas season and will be available after the end of the holidays. Take a look at Steam and other discount game retailers.


Broadway Tickets: The month of February still falls on the slow Broadway season, so you get discounts on tickets to less popular shows. [CNN]
Mobile Phones: Valentine’s Day may seem like a weird time for mobile phone sales, but you can often find free sales buys in the “theme” of a holiday. [Di Vincenzo]
TV sets and home theaters: While selling before the Super Bowl, you will not find any TVs, but you can usually find a good deal on the previous models before they appear later this spring. [CNET, Dealnews]


Chocolate: if you are ready to wait after the 14th of February. [Deal News]
Frozen food is the national month for frozen foods. Seriously, it’s one thing. [National Frozen Food Month, Dealnews]
Golf clubs: New models come out for the summer so your local golf shop will bring the old ones out the door. Take the price of last year for a low price and you will forget how incredible the new ones are. [LIVESTRONG,]
Luggage: It’s between the holidays, so the stores cut prices. Take an extra bag that you may need for the summer of March. [Kiplinger, Dealnews]

Second quarter (April / May / June)

TVs and other electronic products: The fiscal year of Japanese manufacturers ends in March, so they are anxious to get rid of old stock. It will probably be better than the Super Bowl sales, as long as you agree with the purchase of the model last year. [Di Vincenzo]
Houses: The houses are a bit strange. Spring is the peak season for buying houses, meaning that prices are high and the competition is fierce, but it has a much better selection. You can buy at lower prices in winter, but you will choose from a much smaller group. [Bank charges]
Cooking utensils and kitchen accessories: Graduates approach, so even if you are not at school, you benefit from sales that are based on the degree of everything that has to do with cooking. [Bank charges]
Digital Cameras: Digital cameras will be available in February following the announcement of new models at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. However, if you are looking for the best deals, you will find them in the second quarter of the year, provided you agree to buy a slightly older model. [School for digital photography, digital camera seat]
Second-Hand Stores: Spring cleaning means that second-hand stores get a large amount of new inventory, so if you like buying bargains in the Salvation Army and similar places, spring is a good time. Make sure you do not undo the entire spring cleaning action you have just done. [Really easy]
Vacuum Cleaner: New vacuum cleaners will arrive in June. This is very handy because you can buy a cheap vacuum cleaner in advance and start cleaning spring (although you can find even better deals on Black Friday). [Bank charges]


Cruises: Buy well before the date of your cruise to get the best deal. [Deal News]
Sneakers: When the weather warms up, the less serious begins to return to the pace of the movement, which means it’s a good time to enjoy spring sales at your favorite running or shoe store. [TIME]


Refrigerators: While most larger appliances are sold during the year, refrigerators are the big exception. New models come out in May, models from last year will benefit from discounts. [Money Crashers, Mint]
Mattresses: While mattresses are typically a product that comes out all year round, spring prices are quite low. [Deal News]
Office Furniture: If you buy after the tax day when most home businesses start, you can offer on these chairs and desks. [Furniture caterpillars, dealnews]


Dishes: The wedding season brings dishes for everyone, even those who are not addicted. [Really easy]
Gym membership and equipment: Everyone has forgotten the New Year’s resolutions, so gyms are a bit more desperate for members (except all work). Negotiate a good price. Similarly, if you do not like to train in front of others, you can buy fitness equipment for your home with a similar discount. [Di Vincenzo, LIVESTRONG]
Tools: It is difficult to complain about gender stereotypes when power tool prices are so low. Buy before Father’s Day for a good sale. [Deal News]

Third quarter (July / August / September)

Computer: Intel and AMD are starting to increase their news in July, and starting school is also very good at the moment. If your computer business of your choice requires proof that you are a student, you can always enjoy having flexible ethics (and perhaps some Photoshop skills). [Digital Trends, Forbes, Bankrate]


Furniture: July is the other big month of liquidation for furniture as new stuff will be coming out in August. Take a look at the clearance sales for some good quality flights. [Furniture tapes, bank rate]
Home Decor: From tableware to dishes, you will find many home decorations for sale in the middle of the wedding season. [Really easy]
Tools: July is a good month to get tools if you have the DIY-Itch. [Deal News]
Video games: When you play console games, it’s best to wait until your games go on sale, usually a few months after they’ve been released. PC gamers can take advantage of large online sales such as Steam Summer Sale, which are becoming increasingly popular and their portfolios are shrinking.


Bedding and Storage Containers: When children go to college, many stores sell new supplies for the bedroom.
Office Furniture: Another benefit of these sales back to school, whether you are a student or not. [MeublesBrains]
Childrenswear: Back in school, so many children’s shops have sales.
School supplies: Again, training sales are good deals on many office supplies. You can buy now when sales are progressing, or later in September, when the stores make rests obsolete.
Swimwear: While you will find good offers for swimsuits in the spring, the best discounts will be available at the end of the summer when everyone cleans their inventory. [Easy, Dealnews]


Appliances: With the exception of refrigerators (see May), the months of September and October are the best times to buy larger appliances as new models emerge. You can get leftovers from last year for less. [Bankrate, About us]
Bicycles: The new models come out at the end of the driving season against September. Look for good prices for last year’s models. [].
Broadway Tickets: September is the second offseason for Broadway, so it’s a good time to find ticket deals. [CNN]
Cars: New cars usually drive at the end of summer so many will clean their 2013 models now. It should also be easier to haggle the price. Buy at the end of the month for additional savings. It’s also a good time to rent because then banks calculate the residual value of a car. [Di Vincenzo, Consumer Reports, Bankrate]
Lawnmowers: The shops have to make room for all their winter equipment. This means that basic summer items like lawnmowers are offered for sale. As usual, the selection is not that good, but it’s the compensation you make to get good deals. [ToolGuyd]
Airline tickets: As we mentioned earlier, you need to buy airline tickets two months in advance, which means that now is the time to prepare your vacation travel for your friends and family. [Deal News]
School supplies: As mentioned above, stores will clean their holdings of all sales at school. Anything you do not need in the first week of school can be bought for even less in September.
Wine: It’s time to harvest, which means it’s the best time to do the best.

Fourth quarter (October / November / December)

Cars: As we said in September, new models are now cheaper. Negotiate for the rest of the year with a good price for 2014 models. [Di Vincenzo, Consumer Reports, Bankrate, Dealnews]
Kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories: Holiday deals start early enough, and kitchen utensils are one of the most popular items you can find for sale throughout the quarter. [Bankrate, Dealnews]
Digital Cameras: In September there is often a second series of new commercials. Take a look at the older models after their release. [School for digital photography, digital camera seat]
Gas grills and air conditioners: Again, we pull into the cold off-season, and the stores are starting to push their oldest things. [Bank charges]
Planting: If you have a storage or other area where plants can be stored until spring, you can now pick them up at a relatively low price. [Easy, Dealnews]
Toys and Games: Again, Christmas sales begin early in places like Toys R Us and continue most of the Christmas season. The closer you get to the games, the better the offers … but also the more stressful ones (we’ve all seen Jingle All Way, right?) [Dealnews]
Wedding Supplies: The return of winter, which means that finding a place and negotiating these services will be a lot easier. The lower you get in winter, the better the savings. [Bankrate, Dealnews]


Household appliances: continuation of the fall season of the main appliances. Buy last year’s models at a lower price this month. [Bankrate,, Dealnews]
Broadway Tickets: Another month for Broadway shows, so your tickets are now for less. [CNN]
Jeans: Jeans are one of the most common things after the run to go back to school, so go to the shopping arcade between early school and the Christmas season at ridiculous prices. [Really easy]
Terrace Furniture: Now that the outdoor season is over, find the best prices on the patio furniture before everything disappears. [Deal News]


Home Appliances: According to Dealnews, November brings you the absolute best prices in fall appliance sales. [Bankrate,, Dealnews]
Candy: As long as the Halloween theme does not bother you, you can go to any supermarket and buy sweets that you did not even know exist. [Deal News]
Televisions and other electronic products: Visit the shops on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get great deals on all types of electronics. However, make sure that the offer you find is really an offer before you pull the trigger.
Tools: Christmas sales are great for buying cheap tools, especially if you need to do a winter repair. [Deal News]


Champagne: Again, this is one of the rare occasions when prices are falling because demand is so high. The champagne companies are trying to compete with each other, so take it now for your Christmas parties. [BillShrink]
Golf Clubs: It’s out of season, so golf clubs are cheaper. [LIVESTRONG,, New England Monthly Golf]
Pools: This may seem timeless, but if you buy a pool now, you can get a big discount on the fun of the next summer. There are some small sales during the summer, but you should be careful to catch them. [Pools of the river, captain of the pool]
TVs and other electronic products: The sale continues after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, usually the Super Bowl. [CNET, Di Vincenzo, Dealnews]
Tools: The Holiday Trajaganza tool continues. [Deal News]
General shopping tips for every season

In addition to previous periods, there are other days of the week or year that are better for buying specific items (which is great if you cannot wait three months for a new computer). We’ve already mentioned some of these things on the site, but with the benefit of being comprehensive, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Devices are often cheap on Sundays when most people buy new ones. In addition, you will definitely find special offers on major holidays such as Memorial Day or Independence Day.
Computers and other electronic products are cheaper on Mondays when manufacturers use their tapes
Entertainment venues such as museums and amusement parks often have discounts mid-week when they are less crowded. In addition, small crowds are always nice. Some museums even have free entry days, so check out the places that interest you for more information.
Gasoline prices are higher on the weekend and reach their morning on Thursday to anticipate all drivers and weekend travelers. Complete on Wednesday or early morning on Thursday to get the most savings.
Jewelry is best bought on Wednesdays when most people buy them. But stay away from the months of gifts like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas.
Chocolate is perfect to buy after a party with chocolate: Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day, for example. They will clean all their sweets with a festive theme so you can catch them when your children have already eaten their Santas chocolates and rabbits.
And with everything, if you find an article you like, monitor it regularly. Things are sold for nothing, be it a Shell Shocker in Newegg, the end of a clothing season, or a specific product undergoing an update (like Apple Computer).

This is our big list for the year. We’ll keep you updated at the beginning of each month to remind you of the best things you can buy, but this should help you plan next year. Good luck!

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