The 9 Most In-Demand Programming Languages That you must Learn in 2021

More than half of these jobs are technologies and require programming skills. If you are interested in a fast-growing and lucrative career, you can learn the following code in your checklist!

Here is the hard part – decide to learn about the best programming language.

To minimize this, we compiled (a database containing the current work of the computer programmer). Although not a final list, there is information on the most popular programming languages ​​that are sought by employers.


1. SQL

No wonder SQL (pronounced ‘Suite’) exceeds the list of work as it can be found from a distance in different flavors. Database technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server enable large companies, small businesses, hospitals, banks and universities. In fact, almost all computers and people with access to technology eventually touch something SQL. For example, all Android phones and iPhones have access to a SQL database called SQLite and many mobile applications developed by Google, Skype and DropBox use them directly.


The technology community recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of Java. It is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​used by approximately 9 million developers and operated on 7 million devices worldwide. It is also the programming language that is used to develop all native Android applications. The popularity of Java with developers lies in the fact that the language is based on legibility and simplicity. Java has a holding force because it has a long-term compatibility, which allows the old applications to continue to function in the future. It will soon be nowhere and is used for websites of energy companies like, and For more information about the popularity of Java, please visit our Java Beginners Guide.


JavaScript – should not be confused with Java or the development of media stacks – is one of the most popular and powerful programming languages ​​in the world and is used to expand web pages by becoming interactive. For example, JavaScript can be used to add effects to web pages, display pop-ups, or create games with basic features. It is also interesting to note that JavaScript is the scripts language of the World Wide Web and is integrated into all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari. Almost every website contains an element of JavaScript to add the user experience, which increases the demand of JavaScript developers. In recent years, JavaScript has also been used as the basis for Node.js, a server technology that allows, among other things, real-time communication.

4. C #

As of 2000, C # (pronounced C-sharp) is a relatively new programming language developed by Microsoft for a wide range of business applications running on the .NET Framework. An evolution of C and C ++, the C # language is simple, modern, secure, and object-oriented.

5. C ++

C ++ (pronounced C + plus) is an object-oriented programming language based on the previous C language. Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in Bell Labs, C ++ was first released in 1983. Stroustrup maintains a comprehensive list of applications written in C ++. The list includes Adobe and Microsoft applications, MongoDB databases, large portions of Mac OS X, and is the best language for critical applications such as unwanted game development or audio / video processing.


Python is a universal programming language called Monty Python (to know if it’s fun to work)! Python is simple and incredibly readable because it looks very similar to the English language. This is an excellent language for beginners, all the way to experienced professionals. Python recently introduced Java as the language of choice in introductory programming courses with eight of the 10 computer departments that are now using Python to encode as well as 27 of the 39 best schools. Due to the use of Python in education there are many libraries created for Python in terms of mathematics, physics and natural processing. PBS, NASA, and Reddit use Python for their websites.

7. PHP

Founded by the Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, PHP was never a new programming language. Instead, it was created to help a number of tools to help Rasmus maintain his personal page (PHP). Today, PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is a script language running on the server that can be used to create Web pages written in HTML. PHP tends to be a popular language because it is easy to use by new programmers, but also provides tons of advanced features for seasoned programmers.


Like the Java or C language, Ruby is a general programming language, although it is best known for its use in web programming, and Rails is a framework for Ruby Language. Ruby on Rails has many positive qualities, including fast development, does not need as much code, and there are a variety of third-party libraries available. It uses companies from small start-ups to large companies and everything in between. Hulu, Twitter, Github and Living Social Usage Ruby on Rails for at least one of your web applications.


In 2014, Apple decided to invent its own programming language. Result: iOS Swift, a new programming language for iOS and OS X developers to create their next application. Developers find that many parts of Swift are familiar with their C ++ and Objective-C development experience. Companies like American Airlines, LinkedIn and Duolingo have swiftly adopted, and we will see that the language is growing in the coming years.

Every great craftsman has a belt full of tools, each one is a perfect choice for certain situations. Similarly, there will never be a single programming language, and each language will evolve and improve over time to keep pace with innovations.

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