The 20+ Common Scam Incidences and How to Avoid Them

You can lock your doors against thieves, but make sure you are not torn down – even in the security of your own home – it’s much less simple.

More than 22,000 people were deceived in 2012, according to citizen advice, and fraudsters are constantly inventing ways to tear your money. The month of May was named as an Ombudsman Awareness Month and Negotiation Standards, and it was prevented that was expected to be searched.

Door-to-door scams

1. Fake Green Deal Sales You answer your door saying that you are entitled to $ 10,000,000 in funding for green deal home improvements such as insulation or a new boiler. You are then asked to pay a management fee.

2. Unnecessary moisture test You will receive a free moisture assessment test. The surveyor always finds wet, which requires urgent attention, is quoted at a high price and asks for an immediate deposit.

3. Home Maintenance Services A dealer offers you a low-cost offer to pave your garden or garage, perform maintenance work on your house or garden, or repair “dangerous” shingles. You need an advance payment to start or end the job – then delete the money or make unreasonable charges for the failed job.

4. Food Sales Somebody offers to sell (inedible) fresh or frozen fish very cheap, but only if you are willing to pay £ 100 for multiple boxes, see without being seen.

5. Wrong energy-saving gadgets You will receive a plug-in gadget with a “selling price” of £ 99, which will reduce your electricity consumption by 40%.

“Too good to be true”
6. Incorrect appointments You connect a dating site and you contact a very good potential for living abroad. After starting a romance online, the fraudster asks for money for emergency bills.

7. Managing Board Tax Returns You are informed by a cold caller that you owe a refund to your local tax bill or if you pay too much because your property is in the wrong tax band. You will then be prompted to submit your bank account or credit card so your money will be refunded.

8. Taxation Notice Please note that if you pay with the authorization, you will be given a discount – but first you will have to pay a processing fee.

9. Dodgy Work Site Register your resume on a construction site and get a quick call or email from an employment agency that guarantees you a job, but only if you pay first.

10. Fake Paycheck You are called or an e-mail from someone who wants to give you a job, and offered you a check before your first day of payment. Cash the check and tell you that you have overpaid and that you have to return the money through an online transfer – before the check is over.

11. Entitlement to the training You see an online advertising for a high pay job, but you are asked to pay for an education course.

12. Repeat the fraud You are called, emailed or emailed to you and you are congratulated for winning a prize or even a lottery lottery (even if you do not remember buying a ticket). To collect your winnings, you are asked to pay a processing fee or call a high-speed telephone line.

13. Poor investment You are cold and you will be offered a unique opportunity in life to invest your life savings, for example, in carbon credits, land, fine wine or exclusive stocks and stocks, you are sure to make the deliciousness unnecessary , they are not.

14. Loan Agreements You are called or sent for fraud, and you are asked to apply for a “secured loan”. After you have distributed your personal data, including information from your bank, you will be prompted to pay a registration fee.

15. Pension Problems You will receive an “urgent” telephone call from the “Pension Assistance Line” or from your pension provider, which indicates that you are entitled to a pension of $ 1,000 or your pension was paid badly To get your money, you must pay a fee or give your personal data in a premium rate.

16. PPI Refunds They send you text messages or you call someone who claims to be your bank, the Ministry of Justice, or a PPI company and told you that you bought them badly in the form of PPI payments badly but you must pay an administration before the refund can be processed.

17. Return You will receive an e-mail from HMRC, which provides you with a huge tax refund when you provide your personal information online or via e-mail.

18. Unhealthy Sales Watch an online advertisement for a free slimming tablet or skin care product. However, you logon unintentionally for regular monthly payments that can not be canceled.

19. Refusal of the noise You are called by someone who claims to be from the government and told you that you can be entitled to compensation because the place where you once worked was considered too loud for health reasons , You will be asked to pay fees to learn more.

Frauds that exploit their fears

20. Lost payments You will receive an incorrect tax bill from the board or you think you are late and you will be asked to pay immediately by phone.

21. Phone Debt They are called “Your Majesty’s Court” and told you that you had paid a debt for an expensive phone service. He is asked for an immediate payment by telephone and he warned that he will be separated and will face the prison or a summons if he refuses to pay. If you hang up, the villain will remain on the line so you think your line has been disconnected.

22. Trout fees The education service asks you to inform you that your child has not come to school on that day and requests a fine of £ 340 per phone.

23. Mail fraud You are called from your bank on your landline and you are informed that the fraudsters used your debit or credit card and have to be replaced. They call your bank, confirming this. You will be asked to enter your identification number and give your card to a courier that will arrive soon. However, between receiving the call and dialing your bank, you have not heard a dial tone, and you are still talking with fraudsters who have never disconnected the line.

24. Vacation Help You will receive an e-mail from a friend or relative whose account has been hacked. They are said that they are stranded abroad and that you have to send them urgently money. They are not and do not need money.

A d

25. Virus Craps You are called by “Microsoft Windows Support” and declares that your PC has a virus or is running slowly. The problem can be solved remotely if you provide your credit card details and / or remote access to your PC.

26. Medical Emergency You are called and told your grandson that you have been in a traffic accident abroad. Help calls are cried over the phone while the caller says you need to send money immediately to cover medical expenses.

27. Retail Partner A policeman says criminals are trying to steal money from their bank account and that a special “secure account” has been created to transfer their savings. He is said that his bank employees are under surveillance and that the disclosure of why he transfers money will endanger the work of the clandestine police.

Report reports
If you find any of the scams above, you should report them to the following organizations:

 1. Action Fraud (0300 123 2040)
3. Your local police station, using non-emergency number 101.

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