Safe Way To Download Android Applications Outside Of Google Playstore

Surely we all know that the only official and trusted android application (apk) provider is Google Playstore. But sometimes there are other things that cause us to have to find other sources of android application providers besides Google Playstore.
For example, in certain applications there is a special condition that causes us to be restricted to downloading the application, namely the region problem. The application is not available for certain countries but we really want to try the application.

As a result we are looking for other sources where we can download the application. Therefore we need reliable sources that can guarantee that we are downloading safe applications.
We certainly don’t want to download the application and install it on our Android device which turns out the application contains malware, intrusive ads programs and so on.

Then is there a safe android application provider out there? The answer is there, but no one is able to guarantee 100% of the security of all applications in the android application provider. Following this I give a number of list sources that are quite safe android application providers based on rating and review of the android community.

Apkmirror ranks the top because the site provider of this android application has received recognition from various android communities as a secure application provider. Besides this site also provides a very complete application. Besides that on this site we can also choose the version of the application we want to download because every version of the latest to the oldest is on this site. 

Not only that, Android applications labeled pro can we find it here.

To further ensure the security of the apk that we download we can use an online antivirus site that can scan android applications. There are several online services that scan the android application that we use. Some of the best include:

We recommend that you keep using Google Playstore as the main source of Android applications that you want to download, but if you are forced to, you can try the alternatives above and scan through the online antivirus service that wrote above. Also, this article can be useful.

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