Learn How To Code using Only Online Classes

The labor market for software engineers is booming. With the startups that are always born and look for developers to bring their visions to life, learning the abilities of an encoder is a flagship product.
With so much information on the internet, there was never a better time to learn to encode in your own time.
We have compiled a list of free resources that can help you on this journey.
If you stick to a routine and stay in tune with your learning, you can earn a very high wage through a software engineer in no time!
Read on for our carefully selected online resources. You will feel that you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

1. Code Academy

We love Code Academy for many reasons. This is the best first step in your learning.

You can create a free account to access a program that provides you with a large portion of the structure.

The site also contains many projects, quizzes, and other learning tools that you can use to implement coding capabilities.

2. aGupieWare

If you are more of a visual learner, aGupieWare has an excellent blog entry that compiles a list of video tutorials for computers.

If you spend time seeing each one, you have so much knowledge that you can refer to it as soon as it is codified by your account.

Video tutorials are also very useful because you have the feeling of making a course in real life but comfortable at home.

3. Khan Academy

We can not talk about coding without entering the incredible resource of the Khan Academy.

With its interactive chat, tutorials and challenges, this site gives you the impression of doing something with your knowledge.

The site is fun and playful and keeps some of the most boring and exciting topics up to date. And we mention it, everything is free!

4. GitHub

Once you’ve used all of the above resources, GitHub is an excellent community after you’ve gathered a lot of knowledge about how to encode all the terms and strategies.
It includes resources for open-source coding so you can work on independent projects and apply your new skills.
We recommend this site because of the community atmosphere and lots of free information!

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