Microsoft Surface Go: rethinking the millennial laptop/tablet and creating an IT bridge product

This week Microsoft (disclosure: Microsoft is a client of the author) announced the Microsoft Surface Go. This is an original iPad sized Surface product with a base price of just under $400 that uses a Pentium processor and has 9 hours of battery life. While the iPad is clearly the competitive target, particularly in education, you can also see it as a hedge against the Chromebook which has been making inroads in education and in a lot of trials, but few (if any yet) successful deployments in the enterprise market. 

This is really the first product that appears to be specifically designed for the unique and still emerging millennial market.  It could form the new baseline for what new employees entering the market will carry.  

Let me explain. 

What we know about millennials

The surveys I’ve reviewed over the last several years have highlighted that millennials really don’t like the products that are currently in market and have little loyalty to them when it comes to traditional PCs. Surveys in schools have shown that often they don’t even want PCs, they want to live off their cell phones and that their work product is far more collaborative and connected then the age groups that came before them. 

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