Effective Ways To Save Battery On An Android Smartphone

Nowadays every activity is inseparable from what is called an Android smartphone. However, the average smartphone has a fairly small power capacity except for certain brands of smartphones and smartphones that are included in the premium category. Small battery capacity automatically makes the lifetime of the smartphone until recharging is relatively short especially if the frequency of smartphone usage is quite high. This will cause us to need to carry a charger, backup battery and power bank everywhere.

Then what if we forget to bring a charger and we don’t have a spare battery or a power bank? This can be tricked by doing a few settings to save power from our smartphone’s battery so that it can be used longer. Please see the following. 
Effective Ways to Save Battery on an Android Smartphone


Adjust Brightness

The screen is one part that sucks up enough power on the smartphone battery. If you check the battery in the settings menu, the one that uses the most battery is the screen with the system. By default the brightness on the screen is set in auto alias auto mode. This automatic function is actually quite helpful where when we are in a room that is bright enough the system will automatically detect it and increase the screen brightness so that what is on the layer can be clearly seen with the eyes, and vice versa if we are in a dark room .

But in many cases, the brightness set by the system automatically feels too bright. In other words the comparison between the condition of the dim screen and the bright screen is more bright / high brightness. And of course this will make more battery power. Jada if you want your smartphone battery to be more efficient, you can reset the brightness, don’t use the automatic mode but set it as cool as possible but still can be seen clearly. The trick is to simply swipe down on the screen and tap on auto writing, or enter in the settings menu then select the display and then brightness.


Turn off Cellular and Wifi Data connections

This method is also very effective in saving battery power on your smartphone. When the cellular data connection is active, one part of the smartphone that functions to search the network will work more extra looking for the best network. We can see when we are in a location with quite poor network conditions, the smartphone will feel a little hotter. Even when the internet connection that we use using a smartphone wifi connection will still look for the best cellular network so it’s best if it’s not needed it can be turned off. Likewise with a wifi connection even though the power used is not as much if cellular data is activated, but it should be turned off only if it is not used.


Turn Off the Rear Screen Application

When we install a new application on our smartphone, the application will immediately install the service automatically which can run itself without opening the main application. One example of this service is like a chat application notification like whatsapp, line, bbm and the like. Some smartphone brands already have applications such as a mobile manager that can be used to manage running applications.


Turn off Location / GPS Services

Sometimes we don’t realize that gps on our smartphone is active. The GPS itself can be used by certain applications such as Facebook to determine our location, the camera if we activate the location tag function, and many other applications also use this GPS service. Try you activate GPS on your smartphone and compare which battery is hotter and wasteful when the GPS is active or when the GPS is being deactivated? the answer is clear when gps is activated. So if you are not using the location service you should just turn it off. The way is simply swipe down on the aria status bar then off location or enter the settings menu, select location and set it to the off position.


Activate the “Do Not Disturb” Function

One method that we can use to save battery power is by activating the do not disturb feature. The way to go to settings then scroll down and select do not disturb. Please adjust as needed. 

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