How to Limit Windows 10’s Data Usage While Tethering

You sometimes need to share your Internet connection with your friends while you are working on Windows 10, and this can be one of your worst decisions because you know your friends can easily use your data folder.

You can limit the use of data in Windows itself, but by using tethering, you need to set the limits before your friends can get to know them. One usage limit is on the device itself while the other is set for the connection.

It sounds too easy to implement the options and thus set the data limit for tethering, but in the true sense it is not at all easy and they ask you to go through some of the procedures that are not available by default in Windows 10.

Fortunately, users can capture the function in Windows 10 so that it is true to apply a firewall to the flow of data to certain limits. Here in this article, we’ve written about the method by which you can develop the limitations of your data in Windows 10 because it flows into the connection.

If you are interested in knowing the method, read all the information below in this publication at the end!

How to Limit Windows 10’s Data Usage While Tethering


# 1

The simplest and fastest way to check the use of the internet data of your device during tethering is to measure the connected connection. To do this, click Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi using the Windows system configuration.

Now the explanation of the metered connection is the only way to check the transmitted Internet data and the amount of data. This live check always makes you aware of the use of the data and not exhausted.

                            Limit Windows 10’s Data Usage While Tethering


# 2
You need to block all Windows cloud backups that can run your life in the background, while you also forget the synchronization of data in the cloud storage, resulting in intensive data usage. Ensure that all intrusive data tasks are stopped and locked until you need your data.
# 3
Use Task Manager to identify the total number of tasks or applications that are running, and verify that one of the applications or services is pressing the data usage levels. Probably all these things happen to users and tend to lose half of their data in application updates or background tasks.

Finally, we now have the method by which you can restrict the use of Windows 10 data while the Internet is shared on the connection access point. We’ve tried to write about the method in the simplest way, so people can easily use it.

It is possible that each user can implement this procedure, but if some of you have problems or problems with the application of the method, you can get our help and help. To use our support, you need to include your problems in the comment area and we will try our best to respond quickly.

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