How to convert VGA to a composite video

Video Graphics Array (VGA) is a sort of video input generally used to interface PCs to PC screens. Then again, composite video is a video input quality standard utilized, when all is said in done, to associate gadgets, for example, DVD players to TVs. Despite the fact that VGA and composite video are not good with one another, you can purchase a little bit of equipment that enables you to change over the first to the second by connecting the comparing links to a connector.

Fitting the link of your VGA into the comparing VGA contribution of the connector.

Addition the composite video link into the comparing information or yield of the connector.

Attachment the opposite end of your composite video link into any gadget you had at the top of the priority list to interface it. Do likewise with the opposite end of the VGA link. The video sign will go through this last link and after that go to the connector. At that point it will experience the video link made out of one antiquity to the next.

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