How and Why To Clear Cache In Chrome Browser also Cookies

How To Clear Cache In Chrome Browser also clear Cookies in Google Chrome, You know it’s user need this guide or tutorial, If you wanna know how can i clear Cache in my Google chrome browser for make more faster your browser and computer than just follow us.
For make our computer and our browser faster, we are using many tips and tricks and also many other supporting software. But you can do it easily without any software using some basic ways for clear cookies and catch.
Anytime when your browser loading  a web page then many files are working to display that web page.  Means your any work or command on computer and internet browser completing by many steps, Its completing very very faster,
Means if you will open a web page than browser working on many task like security, css, html and many others coding for display that web site. So after surfing the internet some temporary files left there every day. If you do not delete these temporary files then you browser going heavier,


Every browser need to clear cookies and cache for run more faster, Their are some basic like if you are driving a car and if your car drive with suitable members then it will drive easily and fast,
But if you load more members then it will run slow and also take more fuel, This example you can use for understand for this. Here we are talking about only Google chrome.

You know that a borrower’s main function is connect to web browser and load related web pages cache for load animation, pictures, videos, fonts and design,

For this very browser maintains some temporary internet for display that page faster, But if you will not remove these daily cache then it loading daily and making more slower of other web pages. So for run faster your browser you must clear cookies daily.

Can I Clear Cookies and Cache Using Software in Google Chrome Browser?

Now days there are much software are coming which can complete your cookies very easily, If you wanna more security then you must get it. We also daily after browsing just clean it.
Because cookies loaded many informations of our login, our browsing history and also many useful.

If you need more privacy then you must think about this topic,
Now days some antivirus also clearing this, But for better result you can try professional’s software’s for clear cookies and cache which working only for this, Here i am sharing some of best software for this.


If you know right way for this then you don’t need any software for clear cache, Here i am sharing a best method which working all latest Google chrome browser,
This is official and also right way, For make you browser more faster always before close your browser you should do it. So let’s follow step to step guide for clear cache in Chrome browser:-

First Method

1 – First you open your Google Chrome browser.
2 – Just click on Menu Button You will see Menu Button right upper corner.
3 – You can see Screenshot for better understand and just follow.
4 – Menu > More Tools > Clear browsing data.
5 – Then you will see Like Above pop Up window.
6 – Just click on ”Clear Browsing data” and Done.

Second Method
1 – Its also similar above method.
2 – If are you not finding right navigation and option.
3 – Then just press Control + Shift+ Delete
4 – You will see same popup like above.
5 – Just delete that and done.
Third way
1 – You can go directly on chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
2 – Just Click on ”Clear Browsing data’ and Done
Note –  If you keep wanna store your saved password then just unchecked on Password, and if you also wanna keep store Autofill form data, Hosted app data, Content licenses. Then just uncheck that option
Duration – By default it will show 1-hour cache and cookies, So you can choose right duration for delete.

Tips and Tricks For How to Make Your Browser Faster

Here we are talking about cache and cookies of Google chrome which directly effect your browser speed, I am giving some tips which can also improve your browser speed, So better performance should clean your Cache  and cookies and also follow some below tips.
1 – Always keep update and use latest version.
2 –  Remove too many unwanted extensions,
3 – Time to time clean your browsing history.
4 – Always trying to disable unwanted Flash.
5 – Save your temporary Web files on a RAM disk.
6 – Always use new Use tabs, not windows for open new page.

Need any Help on Clear Cookies and Cache In Chrome Browser

After seeing Google Chrome’s official guide and also many tutorials we find this complete information, I hope it will help you and you can understand more easily, For better run you are always trying to use latest version of your browser and keep update it, And also keep mind all tips and tricks,
If you have any tips and tricks and also more useful information for Clear Cache In your Google Chrome Browser then suggest us.

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