How To Overcome The Slow Internet Connection On Android Phones

Sometimes when we are surfing in cyberspace or socializing the media whether it is using a smartphone or portable computer aka Pc suddenly the internet connection becomes dazed. Of course this makes us very annoyed. An internet connection that is dumbfounded is mostly experienced by users of Android smart phone devices. The cause is either from our device or from an internet service provider I don’t know for sure. If you experience this, take it easy, here are some tips that you can do to overcome this, guaranteed to work!

1. Turn off and restart cellular data
The first way is to turn off cellular data for a few moments then turn it back on. In this way we refresh the connection and we will get a new IP address and the connection will be normal again. this method usually works.

2. Enter airplane mode
This method actually actually resembles the first way, but the working principle of this method is a little different. When we enter airplane mode, the radio from our device will be totally shut down, meaning that the cellphone is completely disconnected from cellular operator service. As a result we cannot make calls, send and receive SMS, internet and so on. To overcome the dumb connection, just activate the airplane mode for a few moments then turn it off again. Mobile radio will automatically send registration requests to the operator network automatically to get service again.

3. Replacing the APN
Apn stands for “access point name”. Namely the name of a gate / link between GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G cellular networks and other computer networks. In short, this is a configuration that connects a device with the internet. So you can imagine how important this app is. Apps for each operator of internet service providers are usually different and automatically configured when we use their services. But if the internet connection is blank, we can try to connect to the internet by using the APN from another operator. For example, if we use Telkomsel services, we can use APN from the axis or from other operators, it still works. Please try it.

But if the three methods above don’t work, please check the network conditions in your cellphone’s status bar. Whether writing 3G, H or 4G is there or not. If the writing disappears, the mean while there is interference with the service operator. Please wait a while, it can be in minutes to hours, it will be normal again. Or you can contact the customer service asking about the status of your internet connection. Usually this service will cost around Rp. 300 per call.

If the above writing is there but the connection is still dumbfounded, try to check first, whether your internet quota is still there or not. If it turns out it’s up, raise your hand with your palm facing and parallel to your face, then please face your own face.

ok ok so the short post entitled “how to overcome the dumb internet connection on an android cellphone”, hopefully it works.

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