How To Overcome Android Smartphones That Often Restart Alone

The last few days I found my android phone often restarted itself. There is no wind, no rain, why does it suddenly restart itself. Maybe because my cellphone is old enough, it’s been four years. I was made quite anxious because the cellphone was included as a favorite cellphone even though its main function has been replaced by Asus Zenfone Selfie. I only use Posel only to send messages, make calls and receive calls. I finally went to search to find a solution to this problem.

There are many factors that can cause an Android phone to restart itself, can be from external, internal or possible factors from the user. the causative factors include:
  • There is internal damage, such as electrical interference, damage due to wetness.
  • There is a malicious application installed.
  • System failure on a custom ROM.
  • Damage to storage space so that system files cannot be loaded.
  • Fall damage.
Then what steps can be taken when experiencing a cell phone that often restarts itself? Here are some steps that can be tried to overcome the problem:
  • If the cause is an internal problem such as because it is wet, the only thing that can be done is to open the casket and aerate it to dry.
  • If the cause of the restart is due to a malicious third-party application installed, all you can do is find the application and then uninstall it permanently. But the problem is that these annoying applications are usually disguised because they have file names that resemble system files. If you are observant, you can find this malicious application.
  • If restarting is because when installing a custom ROM, please let your cellphone be flashed again of course with a custom ROM that is not corrupt.
  • If the cause of the restart is due to damage to the internal storage space, all you can do is bring it to the service center, if it is new and guaranteed, but if the warranty has expired or expired, please spend to fix it.
For my case, it turns out that it is often restarted due to third-party applications installed. I don’t know where the application came from, which is definitely when visiting a particular site. So as a suggestion, when visiting a site usually and pop-ups appear and commands to check for viruses or download applications ignore it, it’s definitely a malicius application, a virus, adware and certainly not useful and dangerous. If you have been affected by restarting the disease like I have, please follow step by step below, it can be said to be effective:
Boot the Device into safe mode
Like a PC, Android can also be booted into safe mode. The trick is: Press and hold the power button until the popup to turn off the cellphone appears then press and hold the power off option until a notification appears to reboot the phone in safe mode then select ok.
The last uninstalled application
Next is to delete the last installed application that is thought to be the culprit. How to enter the settings menu > Apps> downloaded and uninstall the application you last installed. This method can be troublesome if we do not remember the application that we last installed or even we do not know what application it is. Certain applications can directly infiltrate the system and be read as a system that cannot be removed like a normal uninstall. if you are smart enough or have more knowledge, we can find out from the process that is running, but if we cannot find one of the final ways is to flash the system. This method is certainly effective. in my case I know the last application that I installed so everything is still safe.
Another thing you can also do is reset the cellphone. the way is  enter the Settings menu > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset. But please note that by returning the phone to factory settings, all data will be lost including your account data. Therefore you should do a backup of the data before doing the reset factory. Hopefully the article titled how to deal with Android smartphones that are restarting themselves can be useful.

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