Exceptional Trick to Recover Deleted Messages and Contacts from Any Android Phone.

We have Android Phone, tablets, laptops, hard drives. The list of data that contains data increases at this time. Just like the chances of losing data. “Prevention is better than cure” is a good proverb, but does not apply well to this situation. Human errors and technical failures contribute to data loss. The best remedy (word game) is the use of Android Phone’s effective data recovery software such as dr.fone toolkit – Android Data Recovery.

For all Android Phone enthusiasts who are burned by the fire of hell, this article aims to retrieve deleted texts, contacts, records, photos and videos, and so on. As a good shaman, we will draw your attention to the curse of data loss resulting in the deletion of our images, documents and other files.

Then we go to the cure offered by Android Phone data recovery software like Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery, explaining the process without the magic ingredients. And again, like every shaman worth his salt, we try to train the healed by offering stages (read the sums) that he could immediately use after being hit by this data loss misfortune.

Pt 1. Common situations when you can lose data from your Android Phone devices

These are the situations common scenarios that can lead to data loss:

• Upgrade to the latest version of the Android operating system
• Your device is stolen or even physically damaged
• Random removal
• an attempt to root
• Battery replacement
• Power peaks
• Bad sectors

Pt 2. How to recover deleted data from Android Phone and tablets

Dr.fone Tool Kit – Android Data Recovery is the world’s first data recovery software that has the highest recovery rate in Android data restoration activity. You can restore data from a large number of scenarios such as system crash, flashing R.O.M, backup sync errors, and others. You can restore files from over 6000 Android models. In addition, this works for both rooted and rooted devices. After extraction, the rooted state of the devices does not change. The recovery process is simple and it is not really necessary to use a computer to use it. The range of recovered file types ranges from contacts, text messages, photos, and WhatsApp messages to videos and documents.
Data recovery is not all that this great dr.fone enchantment would do for you. You can also unlock the Android screen if it hangs due to an error. And it also allows you to safely delete your data.

Dr.fone Toolkit – Android Data Recovery
First Android smartphone and tablet recovery software.
Retrieve Android data by browsing your Android phone and tablet directly.
Preview and retrieve what you want from your Android phone and tablet.
It supports multiple file types, including WhatsApp, messages and contacts, photos, videos, audio, and documents.
Supports more than 6,000 models of Android devices and various Android operating systems.
Available in: Windows Mac
Start downloading

How Android Phone Data Recovery works

Step 1:

Download and run this Android Phone data recovery software on your computer, then connect your Android Phone device via USB cable. The next screen should appear. Now connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable.

The next screen should appear. Now connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable.
Android Phone Data Recovery – Connection to Android

Step 2:

USB debugging should be activated, it allows only USB debugging in the phone according to the instructions in the window below. If you have the version of Android OS 4.2.2 or higher, you will get a pop-up message. Click OK. This allows USB debugging.


Step 3:

Select the types of files you want to scan, and click Next for the next step in data recovery.





Step 4:

Select the scan mode. Dr.fone offers two modes: standard and advanced. The default mode is faster and we recommend you select it. However, if Standard does not find the deleted file, go to Advanced.


Step 5:

Preview and retrieve deleted files. Shortly before the next result, a superuser permission window may appear on your device. When you do, click “Allow”.

Step 6:

The last step is to select the files you want to restore, and click Retrieve,

In addition to restoring files from the memory card and internal memory, you can also view files before restoring. In addition, restoration is guaranteed without overwriting existing data.

Pt 3. How to avoid data loss from Android Phone devices

Here are some preventative steps that you can take to prevent data loss:
• Be sure you regularly back up your Android Phone device to the cloud. Backup to the cloud ensures that you can access the same data on any other device.
• Make a copy of the backup on your computer. This way, if you lose data on your device and you can not access the cloud backup, you can get it on your computer.
• Secure your memory card.
• Use the Auto Backup function available on smartphones / devices.
• Ensure that the backups you are creating are up-to-date. This ensures that the data from these backups is as frequent as possible.

Pt 4. Why can I recover files deleted from Android Phone.

How can I restore deleted files,what sorcery is at stake here! Depending on the configuration of your phone, your files can not be stored in one of two locations: a) storing the phone, an internal memory similar to your computer’s hard disk, and B) external memory card. So when you delete a file (internal memory or memory card), it is not completely erased. Why should that be. Well, it’s because the removal involves two steps: 1) Delete the file system pointer indicating the storage areas that contain the file, and 2) Clean the sectors that contain the file.
If you click on ‘delete’, only the first step is executed. And the storage sectors that contain the file are marked “Available” and are now considered free to save a new file.
One wonders why the second step is not carried out. This is because the first step is simple and fast. It takes much longer for the second stage of sector cleanup (almost equal to the time it takes to write this file in these sectors). Therefore, for optimal performance, the second step is performed only when the “available” sectors have to save a new file. Basically this means that even if you think you have permanently deleted files, they are still available on your hard drive. With the right tool, like dr.fone – Android Data Recovery, even deleted files can be recovered.

Pt 5. The first thing to do as soon as you lose data from your Android Phone.

The next three steps should be taken after the loss of data, so you may have a better chance of recovering lost data from the Android Phone.
• Do not add or delete data from the device. This prevents the data from being overwritten. If your data is overwritten at any time, you can not restore the lost files.
• Avoid using the phone until the files are retrieved
• Try to restore the file as quickly as possible,As soon as possible, you can find all the information you need.


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