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Effective Ways To Save Battery On An Android Smartphone

Nowadays every activity is inseparable from what is called an Android smartphone. However, the average smartphone has a fairly small power capacity except for certain brands of smartphones and smartphones that are included in the premium category. Small battery capacity automatically makes the lifetime of the smartphone until recharging is relatively short especially if the frequency of […]

How To Track A Lost Android Smartphone

Maybe some of you have lost your smartphone, whether at school, campus, public transportation or other public places. Even though your smartphone contains important data both personal and public in nature such as schoolwork files or office files as possible. The name of the loss, no one wants it, but if the incident happens, the name is […]

Latest Ways To Turn Off The Autoplay Feature On Facebook Application

After updating the Facebook application on an Android device, some settings for this application will reset again. One of the active features even though it has been turned off before is the autoplay feature . With this feature, the feeds that appear in the form of videos will be automatically played. This feature is certainly good because the user doesn’t have to bother […]

How to install optical audio cables

Most sound links utilize an association that transmits electrical sign. Be that as it may, optical sound links utilize an optical fiber to transmit light data. This makes them invulnerable to electrical obstruction. These links (additionally called TOSLINK or EIAJ) have a high caliber and are a decent option in contrast to customary sound links. […]

How to convert VGA to a composite video

Video Graphics Array (VGA) is a sort of video input generally used to interface PCs to PC screens. Then again, composite video is a video input quality standard utilized, when all is said in done, to associate gadgets, for example, DVD players to TVs. Despite the fact that VGA and composite video are not good […]

How to know if your computer has a sound card

A sound card, otherwise called a sound card, is a gadget that changes over advanced data into simple configuration, enabling you to tune in to sounds through your PC’s speakers. Numerous PCs have committed sound gadgets, yet others may have worked in sound capacities on the motherboard. In the event that you are not happy […]

How to fix a scratched Xbox 360 game

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s second computer game support. Xbox 360 amusements can be scratched after serious use, or when you trade them with your companions. There have additionally been reports of issues with respect to the revolution of the Xbox 360 plate, which could cause scratches. Despite the fact that it isn’t constantly conceivable […]

How to download games to the PSP for free

When downloading diversions to the PSP, you don’t need to stress over conveying several the PSP UMD (Universal Media Disks). The main confinement is how much data the memory card can store. Additionally, when figuring out how to download diversions to the PSP, you have the chance to make inventive home amusements. A flourishing network […]