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Getting familiar with an MBA degree

Masters of Business Administration or in short MBA is a post graduate degree certificate which is presented to candidates who have successfully cleared theory and practical test. It can be accessed by students who have already possessed a bachelor’s degree. In certain circumstances, quite a few return back to their school to grab MBA degree […]

Full-time subjects of MBA degree program

Listed below are some of the full-time subjects of an MBA degree program. GENERAL MANAGEMENT — I Data Analysis:- Data Analysis lays emphasis on basic quantitative skills that is essential for an individual to extract facts and figures from data in order to execute better managerial decisions. Students would get familiar with available tools and […]

An overview of MBA portfolio management

Portfolio Manager is regarded as one of the coveted positions in financial industry.  They work in joint collaboration with finance analysts and researchers to execute investment decisions. Portfolio management is the process of framing decisions with respect to investment policy, allocation of assets for corporate entities and individuals. Portfolio managementis the process of identifying strengths, […]