Transfer your Windows license to another PC

Transfer your Windows license to another PC
Transfer your Windows license to another PC

Do you want to transfer your Windows license to the new PC you just purchased? You are in the right place! In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily transfer a Windows license to another computer!

How it works ?

The transfer of a Windows license between two computers is done in two stages:

  1. the first step, we uninstall the product key on the PC on which we want to remove the Windows license (it will be called PC # 1 );
  2. the second step, install the product key on the PC on which you want to use the Windows license (it will be called PC # 2 ).

You are ready?

Oh yes, I’m ready! Balance the sauce The Crab!

Ah yes indeed! ?Let’s go !?

Works only with a Retail license

This tutorial works only if you want to transfer a  Windows Retail license, that is, a license that you have purchased commercially.

If you have a PC with Windows preinstalled, you have an OEM license that is not transferable to another computer.

Step 1: Uninstall the Windows Product Key on PC # 1

  1. Before uninstalling the Windows product key on PC # 1, we will first make sure that the product key is installed and that Windows is enabled. For that :
    • open the applet System of Control Panel:control /name Microsoft.System;
    • Open the Activation page of the Settings application : ms-settings:activationW10 ).

    Then check that Windows is enabled is present.

  2. Open a command prompt as an administrator.
  3. To uninstall the Windows product key, you must know the activation ID associated with this product key. To know it, enter the following command:
    slmgr /dlv
  4. A window opens. Locate and note the activation ID.transfer-its-license-windows-7-8-1-10-on-another-pc-id-activation
  5. Uninstall the product key by entering the following command:
    slmgr /upk 7e324006-b4e8-4d0d-b52a
  6. Clear the registry product key to preventing disclosure in case of an attack:
    slmgr /cpky
  7. Finally, reset the license status of the computer:
    slmgr /rearm
  8. Restart your PC.

Once Windows has started, you should have a digital tattoo at the bottom right of the screen indicating that Windows is not enabled.


A passage on the side of the Control Panel will definitely confirm: the Windows product key has been uninstalled!


All you have to do is install the Windows product key on PC # 2!

Step 2: Install the Windows Product Key on PC # 2

  1. Open a command prompt as an administrator .
  2. Install the Windows product key with the following command:
  3. Your Windows product key is now installed. Then enter the following command to start Windows activation :
    slmgr /ato

    Here, a confirmation message tells you that Windows has been activated! Your Windows product key has been successfully transferred to PC # 2.?


It can happen that the automatic activation of Windows via the command doesslmgr /ato not work . If you have one of the following error messages, you must activate Windows over the phone via the Microsoft Voice Server.

Error: 0xC004C008 The activation server has determined that the specified product key can not be used.
This key did not work. Check it, then try again or try to use another key.
Error Code: 0xC004C008 The activation server has determined that the product key has exceeded its limit for unlocking.

transfer-its-license-windows-7-8-1-10-on-another-pc-activate-error-windows activation

To activate Windows by phone , follow these steps:

  1. Launch Windows activation by phone with the command:
    slui 4
  2. Select your country then do Next .transfer-its-license-windows-7-8-1-10-on-another-pc-activate-windows-phone-country
  3. Call the free phone number displayed and enter the installation ID using the phone keys.transfer-its-license-windows-7-8-1-10-on-another-pc-activate-windows-phone-id-installation
  4. Enter the confirmation ID that the voice server gives you.transfer-its-license-windows-7-8-1-10-on-another-pc-activate-windows-phone-id-confirmationAnd that’s it, Windows is activated !?transfer-its-license-windows-7-8-1-10-on-another-pc-activate-windows-phone-active

To be clear, you can go to the Control Panel.

Congratulations, your Windows product key has been successfully transferred to the new PC!?