The 5 Most Common Video Editing Errors, and How to Avoid Them

The 5 most common video editing errors, and how to avoid them
Are you preparing to make your first video editing? Hopefully you have the opportunity to read our basics of video creation before starting your editing. This can be a daunting task initially, which can lead to many mistakes along the way, which only the experience will really help to overcome.
However, some mistakes can be corrected with some simple tips, which will give your video production a more professional look. In truth we all make mistakes, and often the best techniques that appear are the result of mistakes.
That said, here are the 5 most common video editing errors that you can easily fix to give your video a real plus.

1 – Bad soundtrack

Bad soundtrack
Bad soundtrack
If editing is something new for you, this element may be difficult to understand. On the timeline, or timeline of your video, there will usually be two or three audio components. Music, a voiceover and the soundtrack of your video clip. If you do not need the audio from the original clip, the first thing you can do is cut it. In Camtasia, you can mute the sound by right-clicking and selecting ‘separate audio and video’ and then delete or hide the audio track. Beginners in video editing often have their music track too powerful, which masks all other tracks. Make sure the background music stays lower in intensity than your voices. And give great importance to the soundtrack during your final editing.
Pro Tip: Close your eyes and just listen to your video. If the result does not please you, you will need to adjust the soundtrack regardless of the quality of the images.
How to fix it: Most video editing software has a track-by-track sound intensity control. Adjust the intensities until the voices and background music blend harmoniously, one not taking precedence over the other.
2 – The free cutting or skipping of image
Each mounting technique must be used wisely. Image hopping is an effective and proven way to accomplish the goal of editing, which is to compress the duration. Image swings are used to save time and advance in the scenario. But they are often overused by beginners who do not know what other types of cuts to use. This is especially true when you shoot a single shot and remove a piece of it, resulting in your character appearing to magically move to a new position in the same scene.
Pro Tip: Explore other editing options. Such as adding another angle of view, and cutting to a different angle in the same scene, or providing an additional transition to distract the viewer.
How to fix it: There are many different cutting and joining techniques used by video editing professionals, and you will need to learn how to use them before moving forward. See, for example, the following article: 8 Cutting Techniques Every Video Editor Should Know 
The free cutting or skipping of image
The free cutting or skipping of image
The free cutting or skipping of image
The free cutting or skipping of image
As you can see in the first picture, the character in the background is on the left, then in the next picture he is on the right. Compressing time with this cutting technique is sometimes disturbing for the viewer.
3 – Incomplete transitions
This video editing error occurs when the length of your transition is larger than the previous sequence. During a transition, the preceding sequence ends and a black screen appears before starting the next sequence, as seen in the image below.
Pro Tip: Make sure the previous sequences are long enough or adjust the duration of your transition.
How to fix it: Camtasia allows you to cut very easily your video sequences. Once you have set the correct length of your sequences, simply insert the transition by drag and drop. You will be able to identify incomplete transitions using “wipe transitions”. Simply extend the sequence above.
Incomplete transitions
Incomplete transitions
As you can see the black part to the left of the video represents where the previous sequence stops before the transition is complete.
4 – The music is not adapted
Have you ever seen a video mixing soft music and fast-paced images, or vice versa? Dynamic editing techniques and fast camera movements must be accompanied by strong rhythmic music. There is nothing worse than watching a sad scene with Happy to Pharrell Williams in the background music. Make sure when you make your editing that each of your scenes is associated with a suitable background music.
Pro tip: Focus first on editing your images, then find the music that fits each of your scenes.
How to fix it: There are a lot of royalty-free music sites you can tap into. Most of them have a search engine by genre and by tempo, which will allow you to find the right track for each sequence. We have gathered for you below a small list of the most representative sites.
Premiumbeat  : This site is excellent for beginners in video editing, and the navigation is very simple. You will find a wide choice of music tracks, with a constantly renewed repertoire.
Musicbed  : A more professional site often used by filmmakers and advertising agencies. The songs are of high quality, especially for vocal performances.
Jungle Audio  : Similar to Premiumbeat, with an extremely wide selection of styles. Perfect for social networks and marketing videos.

5 – Poor quality or graphical inconsistency

No one expects you to be a professional graphic designer, but you must make sure that the typography, color, and size of your text are consistent throughout your video. The biggest mistake that beginners make when adding text and graphics to their videos is to add a variety of different characters and colors that distract the viewer and keep them away from the content itself.
Pro Tip: Choose a typographic character and stick to it. Use it throughout your video for messages at the bottom of the screen, title screens, and more. Select a color palette and keep it. Do not change the graphic style unless necessary. If you hear yourself say, “But it’s really pretty like that! It’s probably because you’re on the wrong track and your screen needs to be changed.
How to fix it:
 Have a look at some of our tutorials, like the one about animations and effects in Camtasia.
Poor quality or graphical inconsistency

Poor quality or graphical inconsistency

As you can see in this picture, the text is extremely disturbing if not difficult to read. Good practice recommends the use of a nice character without easy-to-read serif.
If you’re new to video editing, these five tips will help you avoid the most common mistakes and add a more professional touch to your end product. But the goal of your editing should always be to get your messages across as efficiently as possible, which will sometimes force you to break some standard codes to make your video more creative.