Incredible Way To Recover Your Instagram Account After Being Hacked


Last time we looked at  David Cameron Announces to step down as Prime Minister within the next three months and am sure it was just helpful to you, Today we are going to look at Incredible Way To Recover an Instagram Account After Being Hacked .
It depends on the exact problem you are currently facing about how to recover back your Instagram account after being hacked. It is a 2 way situation that is

  •  When you are able to still access your Instagram account
  •  When the hacker changed your Instagram account password.


  • You’re suddenly following a lot of new, unknown people
  • You are unable to login to your account
  • Posts that you didn’t write appear suddenly on your wall
  • If your account is leaving comments or sharing things that you haven’t posted
Let us first look at the first Instance where your account was hacked and you can still access it.

1. If you can still login to your account, login right now and immediately change your password AND your email address. I insist on changing your Email password too because If Your Instagram Was Hacked, There’s A high possibility that  your Email was too.
And while at this, you might as well change your email password at the same time, just in case the hacker got hold of your email too.

2. If you cant access your Instagram, Then this means the attacker changed your password you have to start the reset process of your Instagram password.

a. Click  “Forgot” at the home page.

b. Enter the email address associated with your Instagram Account to reset the password.

b. In case you are unable to access your email account, Then report the incident to Instagram as soon as possible through this link.

c. Fill out the form as shown below.

Specify in the form that you no longer have access to your email account and provide an alternate email account that you do have access to.

In case you do have access to the email account associated with your Instagram, Then don’t worry just relax .Follow these suggestions  you should take to recover back control over your account.

  •        Change Your Password

Change your Instagram password using the Edit Profile option in Instagram.

To get there, log in and click your username at the top right corner of the page.

Then, click “Edit Profile.” On the page that appears, look for the Change Password option on the left-side menu.

Please put in mind that you must choose a strong password that meets these guidelines:
Is at least 6 characters long remember the longer the better.
Include lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and a digit. you can aswell add  special characters like an question mark
Is not a dictionary word
Is not based on personal information like your date of birth, spouse’s name, etc.

  • Change Your Password On Other Accounts If You’ve Used The Same One

An example of a strong password looks like this Riad?2012
If you are again using your Instagram password on other sites such as Gmail or iCloud, Facebook, Twitter please do also change your password on those services too.

Hackers usually use password reuse to gain access to their victims’ other accounts! So change all your other accounts passwords.

  •  Secure The Email Account Associated With Your Instagram Account

Hackers often gain access to social media accounts after first hacking into victims’ email accounts.

Because of this, you should make sure you’re using all protective measures available to you to keep your email account safe.

  •  Revoke Access To Suspicious Third-Party Apps

Check out which third-party apps have access to your Instagram account, and revoke access from any app that looks suspicious.
To Revoke Access To Suspicious Third-Party Apps, Just go to your Account page and click on “Manage Applications” from the left-side menu.

To revoke access from any app, simply click the “Revoke Access” button to the right of the app listing.

So Note that it’s recommended to authorise access to apps slowly, to help you identify the specific app the hacker is using.

  • Review Your Recent Activity

Visit your Instagram feed and make sure there haven’t yet been any other pictures or comments posted that you’re unaware of once again.

In case you see anything you think is suspicious, please just remove it right away, for  it may endanger your followers as well

Here is how remove suspicious posts,

a. To remove a post, Click on the post and click “Delete”

b. Inform your followers that your account has been hacked and that therefore they should be careful of any suspicious activities

Hackers often use one compromised social media account as a stepping stone to hijack friends’ accounts.
 Log Out Of Instagram When You Use A Computer Or Phone You Share With Other People

You should  log out of Instagram from all other devices(and any other personal account) when you use a device shared with other people.

Congratulations! You have full recovered Control over your instagram Account enjoy sharing media files once again.

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