How To Create Unlimited Gmail Accounts Without Phone Number Verification


Gmail (Google Mail) is as of now the world’s largest free E-mail Service Provider (ESP) that enables users to send and receive email messages. With Gmail one can be able to access other 151 google services including Google+ ,YouTube, Google drive, Google Maps and so 147 more products. This makes Google mail popular and making google to tighten their Terms and Conditions to ensure security of its subscribers. It is therefore a must that for one to create a Gmail account, He must undergo Phone Verification to complete the account creation. That’s why today I have been triggered to discuss ‘How to create Gmail account without phone number verification I will teach you few ways.

Here are the steps.
Android device or Bluestacks software installed on your pc. Download Bluestacks here
·         Open the Bluestacks program on your Computer. After that go to Settings and click on Google to create a Gmail account.
·         Then after Click on New to create a new google account.

·         Fill your details First Name, Last name, choose email username, setup recovery email, enter Captcha verification and there you have created your Gmail account successfully.
·         So it is a must to add an email Recovery and I recommend you to add recovery email and that’s when Gmail won’t prompt you to verify your account using a Phone, Recovery email is used to recover your email account when you lost password.
·         You can as well use this trick to bypass phone verification while registering a Gmail account. In google policy if one registers an account and he/she is 15 years and below, Google assumes that such a person has no mobile phone and therefore it will not ask for phone number verification. See the sample image
·         First of all clear cookies and all data and history of your browser.
·         Open any browser enter the address, click on create new account. Enter your details name, username, and password and birth date. Don’t forget that you have to set your birth year 2001.
·         Keep the mobile phone place empty, setup recovery email, accepts the terms and conditions.
·         Congratulations, you have successfully created a Gmail account without phone number verification. Woooooow !!!!!!!
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