How To Become a Hacker in 15 Minutes


Last time we talked about Data Measuring Units in bits, bytes, Megabyte, Gigabytes, and Other Units Measure For Digital Information/ Data. and hope it worked for you
Many internet users admire to become hackers, but really don’t know where and how to start.
.We basically have two types of  Hackers i.e White Hat Hackers ( Ethical Hackers) and Black Hat Hackers ( Underground Hackers). Ethical hackers are legal and they do it to save situations, But Black Hat hacking is illegal and punishable by Laws in almost all countries. So now its up to you to decide the path you want to follow.

Becoming a Hacker has no defined formular but rather the willingness of one aspiring to become a serious hacker, it takes dedication and willingness to learn. It is therefore essential for anyone willing to become a Hacker to have a basic knowledge of the topics such as operating system basics and its working, computer networks, network security and programming.


Before you engage in this Holy act, First much spend time doing some online research to find out more information about Hacking, 
This I guess seems the most complicated stage to find the right source to start from the basics. I would recommend to start reading a millions of E books and other sources Hacking, Nevertheless theses all require readers to have a set of prior skills and knowledge about hacking. Not forgetting that most of them are not suitable for the beginners who are new to the field.
So I would recommend you to download such Ebooks from here Download Free Collection of 50 Hacking ebooks in PDF .These E book will give you all the Basics for Hacking. Since most of the books and free resources on the Internet are only meant for those who already have a considerable amount of knowledge on the subject, they fail to teach hacking for beginners. Therefore, I have decided to come up with this post that gives useful tips for beginners on how to kick start their journey to becoming a hacker.
For you are soon becoming a Hacker, programming is a very essential skill you can not undermine. Though it is possible for one to be a hacker without programming skills , Its perfect to have some basic understanding of programming languages like CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript and others. If you are not sure about programming, 

Time Taken To Learn Hacking

Indeed there is No specific time for one to become a Hacker but put in mind that  It requires knowledge, skills, creativity, dedication and of course the time and also be aware that anyone can become a Hacker. 

Welcome to world of should never be in a hurry to get going. It requires knowledge, skills, creativity, dedication and of course the time. Depending upon the amount of effort and dedication you put, it can take up anywhere between a few months to few years to develop all the the necessary skills. Everyone can become a hacker provided they learn it from the basics and build a solid foundation. So, if you want to be a hacker all you need is passion to learn, a good source of knowledge that will guide you through the basics and some perseverance.So, if you wanna become  a hacker all you need is devotion/ love to learn, a good source of knowledge that will guide you through various concepts right from the basics and some perseverance because It took Thomas Edison 1000 tests to succeed making a light Bulb.