How Much Does It Cost to Create a Website in 2018?


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Of course, the cost of a website depends on many factors: type of website, number of pages, quality of design, specific features, etc. This is the reason why the majority of the web agencies request a rather precise brief of the project of Internet site before establishing an estimate. When you consider creating a website for your business, whether it’s a simple showcase or an e-commerce site, you’re eager to quickly get a budget estimate. By knowing the prices, even vaguely, one can thus more easily decide to include certain functionalities in the specifications or to choose to target a certain type of web provider. This article should help you get a better idea of ​​the factors and orders of magnitude of the cost of creating a website.

Average cost per type of website

Depending on the type of website envisaged, the budget can vary from 1 to 100. The workload, and therefore the price, for a showcase site of a dozen pages is obviously not comparable with that of a web portal composed of more than 500 pages, with a member area, a back office and dozens of modules. Simplifying, you have two possibilities to design a website, use a website creation software such as Wix  or Jimdo ( see our comparative analysis of the 2 software ), or entrust the project to a provider, one or more freelancers, or a web agency. Depending on the type of solution chosen to create your website, the cost of the web project will vary a lot.
The table below presents orders of magnitude of price by crossing type of website and type of solution / provider. Obviously, these price ranges are given as an indication, they remain very rough given the diversity of needs and web providers.
Website showcase
5-10 pages to present your activities
E-commerce website
5-10 general pages + 50 – 100 product sheets
Web Portal
More than 200 pages
+ member area
+ various modules
Online Software
Monthly Website Rental
0 € – 30 € / month€ 10 – € 100 / monthNot adapted
Web developer + webdesigner
500 € – 3,000 €€ 1,000 – € 20,000€ 5,000 – € 50,000
Web agency
Full service
€ 1,000 – € 5,000€ 3,000 – € 50,000€ 10,000 – € 100,000
Before analyzing more finely the cost of creating a website, I would like to make several remarks.
  • For the same brief, prices can vary from 1 to 10. For an e-commerce site, a freelancer can offer you to install and configure a Prestashop for 1000 € while an agency asks you 10,000 €. These price differences may seem surprising, but they are generally justified by the coordination of the project, the quality of the design or the scalability of the source code. In some cases, these differences are however simply unfair and some quotes are scam !
  • Depending on the type of solution or provider you choose, you will need to spend more or less time on the project. And your time is money! If you decide, for example, to entrust your project to a freelance web developer, you will need to provide the site tree , all the models and a precise description of each feature, otherwise you risk that his vision the web site is not similar to yours … The web agencies will work with you on these different elements, in most cases, the client provides a global brief, and he then validates the tree structure and the models proposed by the agency.
  • The maintenance of a website, whether it is outsourcing servers, updating modules or adding new features can be expensive. Instead of thinking about the only cost of creating the website, it is better to consider the cost of the web project over a year, breaking down the cost of initial development of the website and maintenance / improvement of the site for one year. It is even more important to anticipate the maintenance of the website from the outset that the cost of maintenance can vary greatly depending on the type of provider chosen. By entrusting the creation of its website to a junior freelance for example, there is a good chance that the freelance is no longer available to ensure the evolution of the site, it is then necessary to find a new provider, who agrees to take a code already existing.

Decomposition of the costs of a website project

To evaluate more finely the costs of a project of Internet site, it is obviously necessary to take into account many criteria: template or graphic chart on measure, number of pages, specific functionalities, etc. A 5-page showcase website with photos and a contact form can be billed € 2,000 or € 7,000, depending on the client’s choice of graphic charter, modules (comments, social networks) or SEO services. 
To help you evaluate the budget of your website creation projects, you can download our Excel cost calculation template.
Website creation cost calculation tool
The use of the Excel template is very simple.
  • Step 1, you choose a type of provider and a number of pages at the top left.
  • Step 2, you indicate for each descriptive element of the project whether or not you want to include it in the budget estimate from the “Customization” column.
The estimate of the total budget appears at the bottom and at the top right.
To adapt the model to your needs, you can modify two types of parameters:
  • Price of a working day. For each type of provider, a rate per man-day is defined in the Settings tab of the Excel workbook.
  • Working time by descriptive element of the website project. In the main tab, open the hidden columns by clicking on the “2” button at the top left. In the “Working time” column, you can change the number of hours of work required for each descriptive element of the website project. For some descriptive elements, such as the layout or the recipe phase, the working time depends on the number of pages. In this case, the working time per page is set in steps in the Settings tab.

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Cost items often overlooked in the website creation budget

You can receive very quickly quotes for your project of website creation. You will have to analyze them in detail, but also compare them to each other. To give you an overview of this approach, the La Fabrique team lent itself to the game and realized for you an analysis of 9 quotes for the creation of an ecommerce site . I advise you to take a look, it will give you ideas on the angle to adopt in the analysis and the important points to look at.
It is important to be aware that agencies rarely include all costs in website design quotes. In an estimate, there is what is said and there is what is implied. It is on this point that I would like to draw your attention to conclude this article, in order to avoid you unpleasant surprises. Yes, there are hidden costs in a website creation project – especially if you are looking to develop your site over time. Here are the hidden costs to consider:
  • Budget overrunIn theory, you write your brief or your specifications, the provider sends you a quote on this basis, creates the website and you book. In practice, things never happen so smoothly. The delivered website is often different from what was originally planned. For several reasons. First, new ideas can arise during the project, in terms of design, functionality, content, which generates additional costs. There may also be misunderstandings with the provider, causing also changes to the initial quote. You can also have the will to push further the personalization of the website. We must be aware that all this leads to budget overruns, sometimes far from negligible.
  • SEO optimization of good levelWebsite design quotes rarely include advanced SEO services. Yet, as you know, having a beautiful and functional website is not enough, it must be visible on the web. If you want your site to be very well optimized for SEO to improve its visibility on search engines, you will need to hire a freelance specialist in SEO. When you want to do well, it takes about 3 days of work on the freelance side to define a list of relevant and personalized SEO recommendations, plus a few days for developers to implement these recommendations. Count in total around 5,000 €. To deepen this point, I invite you to discover our full article on Cost of SEO – Average Rates & Economic Model of SEO Providers in 2018
  • Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager installation . These Google tools are clearly essential to manage your website and optimize it. If these tools are free, their implementation on your site requires skills that they pay. If you delegate the installation of these tools, allow about 2 or 3 working days for a webmarketing freelance – around € 2,000.
  • Hosting / Outsourcing . If you are on a shared hosting or a VPS, this cost item does not concern you. In this case, it is your host who handles the outsourcing of the server that you use. On the other hand, if you go on a dedicated hosting, outsourcing can quickly cost expensive: count about 200 € for outsourcing per month, in addition to the cost of dedicated hosting (50 € per month on average, but billed between 100 and 200 € by the agency).

Minimal maintenance

As I said above, you must always anticipate the maintenance costs of your website, not just the cost of creating the site. The maintenance of a website encompasses several aspects. To put it simply, there are three types of maintenance (in the broad sense of the term): preventive, corrective and improvement. For minimal maintenance, only the first two are to be considered. Preventive maintenance consists of regularly checking that the site is working well and that the settings are correct while the corrective maintenance is intended to repair problems and bugs that occur on the site. I want to warn you immediately, you will inevitably encounter problems on your site, nobody escapes. If we start with minimal maintenance, which includes updates to your library, plugins and other technologies you use, plus bug fixes, count around one day of work per month – around 500 €. If you want to create an ecommerce site, I advise you to take a look at the article « How to anticipate the maintenance costs of an e-commerce site? “.

Evolutions along the water

A website is constantly evolving, to adapt to the evolution of the web but also to your new needs. You will have to make changes to your site (change of hosting, theme, adding complex features …) some of which you will be unable to manage alone. This corresponds to what I called earlier improvement maintenance. Of course, it all depends on the context and the depth of the website, but anticipating one or more days of intervention per month for changes along the water is rarely a bad idea.

Downloading a website’s price estimation template

To download the free version of our Excel template, please enter your email. You will automatically receive an email containing the download link. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have trouble downloading the Excel file.


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