Guide for Marketers How to Gain Trust of Tech-Savvy Clients

Even though a large portion of your marketing efforts will be turned towards laymen, you mustn’t forget your tech-savvy clients either. A person obsessed with technology knows exactly what they need and will always look first at the performance of the device, that they are potentially interested in, and later at the price of the product. Words like “discount” or “limited time offer” interest them only if the product that is on this action is something they need or want. This is why you need to know a few tricks that will help you gain the trust of the techies.

Personal Branding

First thing first, trust is something that you can hardly tie to an inanimate product. Sure, after being in the industry for some time, you would start to develop a reputation as a brand. But when you are just starting, people might want to inquire a bit more about you as a person and a professional, and then decide if they are going to do business with you. This is why personal branding done right may be a foundation for the trust you will have with your clients. Having your own personal website, auditing your online presence and, of course, working on your own online image are just some of the things you should do. The best thing about it is that, while it is quite inexpensive, it usually results with a great ROI.

Don’t Ask Too Much

Tech-savvy clients know exactly what the dangers of an online fraud are, so they usually don’t appreciate when you’re inquiring too much. Respect their privacy and ask only what you absolutely need to know. Asking for personal information is usually harmless, but it also incites a great amount of suspicion among your website visitors. In fact, it might be a good idea to stress out that a member of your staff would never ask them for their private data and if someone does so, they should outright refuse. This will make the visitors of your site realize just how concerned you are for their safety.

Optimize for Mobile

In 2015, Google announced that there were officially more searches on mobile devices than on desktop. Additionally, people who are tech-savvy are more likely to get agitated if your website is not optimized for mobile. Optimize the format of your images for mobile and make sure that the layout on the website is vertical and not horizontal. The only reason for this is that it is easier to scroll when the layout is vertical. Also, mind your website loading speed!

Offer Gift Cards

Most of tech-savvy shoppers are smart consumers, and since they are planning their purchases sometimes months in advance – they are always on a look out for a sale. What you need to do is to count on that factor! Visit Gift Card Store and get their attention with a promotion around holidays or offer gift cards for special occasions. Believe it or not, gift cards are extremely popular, and since the year 2007, they are one of the most popular items among shoppers. Tech-savvy buyers are no different, and they will always look for sales of this sort. Plus, in this way, you will let them get a gift card instead of a product and value their opinion by providing them with an opportunity to get what they need in that counter value. Also, if one wants to give a gift to a friend, but is unsure of what the friend would prefer, gift cards are always more memorable than cash.

Always Respect the Feedback

Naturally, what your website will need is a well-organized section for comments. Here, you will get the feedback from your clients, but the way in which you respond to them is what is actually important. You don’t need to address praises, but negative comments need to be replied to as soon as possible. Remember, you want to build a fruitful relationship with your clients so you need to be respectful and always give them arguments. Of course, client is always right and you need to act accordingly. Sure, not all of your clients can always be satisfied, but it is worth your while to at least try when you can.


In some aspects, it is even easier to gain trust of clients who understand the type of service that you provide. Do your best to make them feel welcome when they come around and try to make your offers as appealing as you can. All the rest will fall into place on its own.