Easy Way To Bypass The Twitter Phone Verification And verify Unlimited Twitter Accounts


Last time we talked about Top Advanced Operating Systems that hackers Use On Their Computersand hope it worked for you. Today we’re gonna look at Easy Way To Bypass The Twitter Phone Verification To verify Unlimited Twitter Accounts
Unlike in the past, Twitter does no longer let one create a new one account without verifying a phone number. Good news, If you are the person who has been stuck on the Verify phone Screen, here is the solution to To  Bypass The Twitter Phone Verification
If you get an error that “Your phone number failed, please try a different number”.

Solution To Phone Number Failed Error

There are various  free services where you can get a temporary phone number onlineand in this case am gonna  use Receive Sms Free to obtain free number where to receive verification phone SMS from Twitter. However Twitter has blocked almost all of these free services. They use only a certain block of numbers and they have all been blacklisted. Trust me, I have tried them. The solution? Use a Google voice numberFollow these steps below and  verify unlimited Twitter accounts . This Trick is equally useful a when you need a phone number for creating a Twitter app. And it is completely free.

Step i

Login to your  Gmail account connected to  your Twitter account. After which click on this link   Google Voice Call and create a Voice account.

Step ii

Then Click on “I want a new number.”

Step iii

Then Select a phone which you want Google Voice to call you at.

Step iv

Then you will automatically receive a call from Google Voice  to confirm your account. For My  I already registered some time back my message below looks different from the one you will receive. good enough you can continue setting up new Google Voice numbers and it will automatically remove the old numbers. 

Step v

Once you done with confirming your Voice number, Google Voice will prompt you to choose a local number.

Step vi

Pick  that local number and go back to Twitter and enter it.

Step 7

Then rush  to your Gmail  Inbox and grab the Twitter verification code sent to your new Google Voice number.

Step 8

Enter that code into Twitter and you will receive a confirmation.
Congratulations~!!!!. You now have your twitter account. Most excitingly with Google Voice you can repeat this tricks thousands of  times and it will work for you every single  time you try it out. Now you can create as many Twitter accounts as you need.

Step 9 Additionally

In case you tend to get an error that  Your phone number is associated with too many accounts, then you are supposed Transfer your Google Voice Number. This will enable you to continue using the Service there and then.
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