Easiest and Working Jailbreak Tricks for IOS 10

Last time we looked at The Proven Way to Crack any WIFI Password using a Android Phone So today let’s see which of our favorite jailbreak Tricks of iOS 10.

                Quick Center              iOS 9                                                                  iOS 10 

The name QuickCenter name doesn’t immediately relay its functionality to users. It may allude to the fact that it has something to do with Control Center, but what exactly? Well, when installed, the package brings 3D Touch Quick Actions to various Control Center icons. Of course, as we know, Apple has now added this natively into iOS 10.

If you are running the iOS 10 beta Then  Hard press the Torch toggle to set the torch’s intensity.


This may be a relatively small tweak, but definitely one that was a hit with jailbroken device owners thanks to the rounded corners action that it introduced to things like Control Center, banner notifications, Notification Center, and many other areas within iOS. It seems the design was popular and appealing to users and Apple’s designers alike who have clearly borrowed the inspiration from this tweak in iOS 10.

3D Touch to Clear Notifications

iOS users have been crying out for this integration ever since Notification Center was introduced as a way of essentially gathering notifications together. As the name suggests, installing this packageallowed users to clear all notifications through the use of a 3D Touch action, which is now natively part of the iOS 10 platform.

Columba & QRConversation

Columba on iOS 9 (left) vs new interactive notifications in iOS 10 (right)

One thing that has often been teased and introduced in the jailbreak world is the notion of expanding Apple’s native notifications to bring additional context and a lot more power to the user. As we know now, Apple has been silently working on the same sort of thing, and has essentially sherlocked all tweaks of this type, including the ever-popular Columba and QRConversation tweaks.


Cream on iOS 9 (left) vs colored Control Center toggles in iOS 10 (right)

Cream is essentially a small little package that extends Control Center by offering various colors for the toggles contained within. A lot of users appreciated this as it deviated from Apple’s monochromatic approach. Apple itself looks to have deviated away from its prior design stance by bringing the same functionality to Control Center within iOS 10.


AppHide on iOS 9 (left) vs ability to delete stock apps in iOS 10 (right)

AppHide does exactly what it says on the tin by allowing jailbroken device owners to hide the pesky stock Apple applications that they rarely used or interacted with. Not a lot of people saw it coming, but Apple has actually introduced this feature into iOS 10, allowing users to remove stock app icons and associated data from the device, and then re-download from the App Store when desired. However, it functions in peculiar way.


FaceOff on iOS 9 (left) vs Raise to Wake in iOS 10 (right)

Long before Apple had even considered introducing a raise to wake feature, it was being offered via Cydia thanks to FaceOff. The concept is fairly simple; take the device out of your pocket or pick it up from a surface, the sensors detect it’s about to be used and the display activates without interaction needed. This is now a native feature with iOS 10 that can simply be toggled on or off.


StickerMe on iOS 9 (left) vs Messages app in iOS 10 (right)

Who would have thought that the Messages app would have received such an amazing overhaul as part of iOS 10? Apple has introduced the ability to send scribbles and stickers through Messages. That essentially means that StickerMe had a good run, but will no longer be needed come this September.


Grafiti (left) vs handwriting in Messages app in iOS 10 (right)

Once again, another jailbreak tweak that has been laid to rest thanks to the wonderful changes that are coming with the Messages app in iOS 10. Grafiti was applauded for bringing handwriting to the stock iOS Messages app when it was first launched. Could Apple have once again borrowed some inspiration from its success? With iOS 10, Messages app includes ability to send Digital Touch messages as well as handwritten messages.


IntelliScreenX (left) vs iOS 10 Lock Screen Widgets (right)

This is by far one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks of all time, which is surprising to be honest considering it came with relatively high price tag in comparison to other packages. Apple’s new rich notification experience and ability to add widgets directly to the Lock screen of the iPhone with iOS 10 means that IntelliScreenX is no longer a necessary download.


Shortcuts on iOS 9 (left) vs 3D Touch Quick Actions Widgets on Home screen in iOS 10 (right)

Building on Apple’s initial integration of Quick Actions with 3D Touch on Home screen,Shortcuts brought widgets to 3D Touch Quick Actions to Home screen app icons. As we are now aware, that’s always been in Apple’s mind and is now supported in iOS 10 with some stock apps already offering widget support on Home screen.


NCCards on iOS 9 (left) vs new iOS 10 notifications (right)

Apple’s new notification system, which includes card-like notifications in Notification Center and on the Lock screen, has killed off a couple of popular jailbreak tweaks. The implementation ofWatchNotifications and NCCards is slightly different to how Apple have approached it, but the end result is the same. RIP.