A Distinct Way to Increase Wifi Range at Home


How to increase wifi signal to increase wifi coverage in your home? The traditional answer would be to get a more powerful router that will have more coverage and greater coverage of the Wifi network. But your home can have wall accessories so that there are dead zones that have bad or no WiFi coverage.

I like to surf the internet in any  rooma at my home but I find several places where internet coverage is very bad. Also, my mobile smartphone must continue to switch between wifi and 3G in my home by using old mobile bills due to the use of additional data.

I have upgraded to a 16 Mbps Airtel internet connection, I have a better modem router (Belkin N300), I have tried several router sites and other ways to increase wifi signals, but the zones Wifi poor insisted in some areas of my home ,

And then I found the best way to increase my coverage of Wifi network – buy an extension of the WiFi area!

Wifi Range Extender

My new wide range of WiFi (Netgear WN3000RP) assured me that now I can get a WiFi coverage in every part of the house and even outside the backyard of the house. What it does is simply wifi sources from the current Wifi router and extends through its own coverage area, which leads to nearly double coverage area.

Configuration – configuring network devices always seems an annoyance. However, this does not require any connection to the CD / manual cable for configuration. Simply plug it into the socket (save space on the desktop), switch it on and enter the current Wi-Fi (Connections) networks.

Then I connected this new network _EXT and I open a Netgear website mywifiext.com to configure the wifi extension. With just a few clicks, no CD, cable or game with the original modem router. Now the next time let your devices prefer this new Wifi network instead of their home network when you are in this coverage area.

Wifi Speed ​​- Note that the speed is less than your original router. I get about 6-7 Mbps Wifi extension, while my original router gives 12 MBps.

Price – I bought it for about INR 3000 and it was worth every rupee. There are also faster and more expensive models, but this seems to be a good balance between price and coverage. There are still many brands to choose from and everything will work well for this purpose.

Post this publication from outside my home via a Wifi extension!