21 Easy Steps To Make Money Online in 2018


The permeability of technology in all fibers and all elements of society has caused dramatic excitement in the way we live, work and maintain. Thanks to the disturbing nature of the Internet, the exchange rate has increased exponentially in recent years.

However, with so many changes in today’s world and near instant access to the world’s population through such means as social networks and online research, many people remain perplexed as they can use intrinsically powerful technology that is available over the internet to make money online to earn.

The truth It is not easy to make money today online. With so much competition and so many people and headlines struggling for our attention, screening and search for reliable sources to generate respectable income on the web have become a growing challenge.

Often, we find ourselves in unscrupulous Internet salespeople (IM) who have less altruistic intent to extract money from you rather than help you. But this is not new. People have fallen for network marketing, pyramid systems and affiliate marketing scams since the start of the network.

So, where do we turn to legitimate money online? It is not just about generating passive income; It is also about finding ways to create active income through the convenience of the Internet, which not only helps us to meet our debts, but also save us, invest and enrich us in the future.

It’s not easy. Whoever says something else is not transparent with you. It takes a lot of effort and authority to build before you can really begin to enrich yourself through your online income generating activities. However, there are basic methods to create a respectable amount of money in the short term.

Pain vs. joy

Before I talked about some of the methods to make money online, I wanted to address the role of pain versus pleasure. Every decision we take in life is weighed on a scale of pain in proportion to pleasure. We will always do more to avoid pain than simply to please us. But that is what keeps us from success.

Let me explain …

Now making money online should seem like a nice activity. Why do not we see almost nothing, because that would be an important source of joy, right? Not correct. First, like anything else, we might be very enthusiastic. We can also put our hopes high. But everything clatters when we start to fail.

The problem? To generate large amounts of money online, you need most work for the lowest initial repayment, not the least amount of work for the highest return. Translation – Great Pain This is also the problem, as affiliate marketers, network marketing specialists and IMs are trying to sell you “dream”, so to speak.

When people buy the hype, they set their expectations very high. All they have to do is to send some emails, and voila, instant-million overnight. Well, this is not the case. In the end, we will do more to avoid pain than to have short-term fun, not in the long run.

Therefore, it is so hard to leave bad habits or do anything else that requires any phenomena of the struggle. The human mind is wired to avoid pain in the short term, not in the long run. This is part of our survival instinct. However, you can easily solve this long-term problem as long as you set your expectations the right way.

What are the best ways to make money online?

As someone who has been immersed in a number of online industries for a while, know a few things about what it takes to be successful in this arena. However, as you, I began zero point with little knowledge, but a great passion. What I have learned on the way are valuable lessons of failure that hurt at the time, but it helped a great deal in the great scheme of things.

Today, if you are serious about the success of any business, whether online or offline, you need huge amounts of value. Yes, you have to do the most work for the lowest initial reimbursement. This is especially good online. Why? Because it takes time to create authority and create an audience, two primary ingredients are needed to succeed in the wonderful world of web-based trading.

All companies and successful people have initially delivered a huge amount of value. They have done most of the work and carefully examined every detail to make sure they are good for their customers. As long as you keep this in mind and do not look for fast money, you will be successful in the long run.

Find your niche – find out what you are good for or what you want well. You do not have to be an expert now, but you have to decide where to go when you’re serious about making serious money in the long run.
Create a blog in a custom domain – your blog is your virtual home. Without that there is no place to filter all the traffic and people are interested in what you have to say. But do not create a blog on a sub-domain like yoursite.wordpress.com, create a blog with a custom domain like www.yoursite.com.
Adding value – adding value over time creates authority and authority creates trust, which in turn helps to increase your audience and your readers. Without meaningful follow-up, you will have difficulty getting an online traction. It takes time.
Create a list of emails and keep them well. One of the best ways to generate money online is to market an active participant stakeholder group. Although most people think that email marketing is dead, this is far from the truth. This is your greatest potential source of income online. Think of it as your silver tree.
Do not sacrifice morality for quick money – First you want to do all sorts of things to make money online, but do not sacrifice your morale for a quick buck. Not only will it turn people away, but you’ll lose Google’s trust. You should not worry about things like Adsense or other ads on a blog until you have about 100,000 visitors a day. Yes, per day.
Point? Think of the long-term results of your activities. It seems frustrating at first. On the other hand, everything that is worth is difficult. It will take time. Withdrawal and not giving up Meanwhile, here are some of the best and most legitimate ways to earn money in the long term.

1 – Writing and selling an eBook

If you have a passion to write and you can kill with your prose, consider writing an ebook. While the market was saturated late in the afternoon, books that help teach people on a technical topic are still selling very well. This is an excellent source of passive income, but it takes a lot of effort in the beginning before the money is generated.

You can sell your eBooks through Amazon Kindle or Apple’s iTunes Connect program so that you can access a vast majority of the market for reading digital books and entry barriers are incredibly low. You do not have to invest a lot of money, but you have to spend a lot of time, not just writing e-books, but also marketing.
2 – Audible Audible Sales

I have been working for a long time while buying my book books and I have over three dozen titles in my name. I know one or two things about audiobooks. And what I’ve noticed recently is that audio books are growing in numbers as their digital ebook pendants are becoming less and less popular.

People turn to audio and visuals for technical topics. However, you should consider making an ebook first and convert it into an audio book through a resource such as the Audible ACX platform. You can offer a producer a license fee program, so you do not have to pay the initial cash or you can also pay an hourly payment.

3 – Create an application

Yes, it is much more technical. Unless you have the right application development skills, this will be an important undertaking. But applications are also an excellent source of passive income when done in the right way. You can reach a large audience of smartphone users by using an excellent application.

However, like any other valid thing, applications require a significant investment of your time or money. If you do not have the skills, you need to hire someone to help you create a great app. But first you have to find an idea to sell it. Make the right market research and analysis to get the right application.

 4 – Use mechanical door handle

The Turkish mechanic must make Amazon into micro-jobs. These are very small jobs that can be done for other people who call them HITs or tasks of human intelligence. These are super simple tasks anyone can do. Some examples list specific URLs with certain types of images for a penny, or record a few sentences with a microphone for 6 cents.

Yes, they do not pay much, but if you bundle hundreds of well-paid HITs, you can make money quickly if you’re in a cash crisis. Also, it is important to remember that you can hire people with HIT to help you with micro-tasks you might have.

5 – Fiverr concert festival

If you have professional experience in graphic design, accounting, social media marketing, web development or SEO training, for example, you can offer Fiverr concerts starting at $ 5 per job. You can perform a valuable service that you can also sell to earn more money per concert.

Fiverr is one of the largest providers of Gig Economics on the Internet and can sell a wide range of services and products through this medium. Do the research and find out what it can offer. But remember that, just like any other money, the task is to take time to follow. And stellar reviews will help you generate more and more sales over time.

6 – Sales of professional services at Upwork or 99Designs

Upwork and 99Designs are two of the largest resources to sell almost any professional service under the sun. If you have extensive experience in a field, you can consider selling your services through one of these sites. 99Design is only for graphic design, while Upwork is for almost all other professional services.

But like everything else, the beginning will be difficult. Before an extensive review and in-depth reviews, the procurement work on one of these hard-fought platforms will be difficult. Find the most successful people in your niche and try to model your approach and your profile online.

 7 – Create a blog

One of the most comprehensive efforts when it comes to making money online is to create a blog. But we all know it’s hard to create a blog with real readers. It takes a lot of work. And I talk about experience. But as soon as it reaches a certain point, progress and momentum are in your favor and become much easier.

Blogs can easily make tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month if done right. If the But it will not be easy to get there. However, I look back, a year henceforth you want today So why wait again?

8 – Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is the focus of all successful web-based activities. For those who are serious about making money online, email marketing is definitely where you are. But you have to go the right way. Even before trying to market anything for everyone through an email list, make sure they are people who have subscribed and are directly from you.

If you try to market people by email from scratch, you will not find much success. But if subscribers of emails are actively interested in what they have to say, and they log directly into their blog or website, their success rates will be much higher.

9 – Auction items on Ebay

Ebay is a motto. It was almost the beginning of the online boom. But like any other platform, success can seem short-lived if you do not know what you’re doing. Sales of items on eBay, professionally, can be an art form. People who are interested in your auctions are not always easy, especially if there is strong competition and low demand for what you sell.

Like anything else, you need to do an appropriate search, but you can generate substantial amounts as an eBay energy seller. Find the most successful eBay seller in your niche and model according to your success. Find all your ads and find out how they sell the items they sell.

10 – Rent your home on AirBnB

Rent your entire home or just a room in AirBnB. This is a simple and effective way to earn money online, especially in the short term. Although you are not rich in it, you can generate thousands of dollars a month for the right place. And if you live in a coveted holiday destination, you’re certainly happy.

Look for other ads in your city on AirBnB and see what the rate is for a place like yours. You can also rent a private room or even a bed in a multi-bed room. In fact, this is how AirBnB began. However, you can fight first without comments, but as long as you really care about your guests and give them a great value, the tests are finally started.

11 – Sell photos online

If you are at all in photography and you have a cache of beautiful pictures, you might consider using websites like Shutterstock and iStockPhoto to sell two of the best online photo resources. It does not take much effort to do it, but it needs creativity and perseverance to succeed.

They find serious competition in trying to sell photos online, but it is also an excellent way to generate passive income. If you can authorize your photos or sell them as a photo, you will not have to do any extra work to generate revenue from this sale once the photos are published online. Just get your payments.

 12 – Drive to Uber or Lyft

If you live in an area where Uber or Lyft operates, why not a driver? If you are looking to earn a little money in the short term, you can definitely rake to work for one of these popular car rental apps. As long as your vehicle fits into the specifications of your program and you have a proper license, you can make it on the page, especially if you are in cash crisis.

Treat your guests well and offer them advantages that other drivers do not offer, simply because you want to offer a lot of value. You can not get away much from the start, but it will make you different from all other drivers and your comments will show all that.

13 – Selling products in Etsy

Etsy is a great resource for those who like to make their own products and sell them online. If you are in handmade items and you have a taste for creating products and killer merchandise that people have to have, you might want to consider saving an Etsy and selling it through a giant online portal.

Etsy is a great way to get directly to the place where all consumers get together. Although the company charge a small fee for listing its products, as well as the fees for the transaction itself, it is easier than setting up your own transaction site. Make some research on bestsellers and try to imitate their success.

14 – Use Shopify to create your own online store

Do not you want to sell via Etsy? You can always shop your own online store using a platform. Check makes the sea easy to build a transactional site without all the trouble, it takes a lot of shell doing, which some consider as a very complete task.

The company markets its services with the ability to start selling online in seconds. Well, this can not work so fast, but you could definitely operate a good transaction website within minutes or hours.

15 – Building an Amazon FBA Business

If you want to go directly to the world’s largest online retailer, you should create a Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) business. Amazon collects, packs and shifts your orders and will have a huge exposure in a market where products sell every second.

Obviously, there is a lot of demand on Amazon, and when a product is going to sell, it will sell well on Amazon. But the goal here is to get the right products that are easily sold to the online retailer of the world. In general, products between $ 10 and $ 50 are sold here very well. Make sure you make market research before you jump into this car.

 16 – answer professional questions

Are you a professional in an area that can help answer the questions of people who are looking for your experience? Websites like JustAnswer and LivePerson meet people who are looking for answers to technical or business questions. You can generate money online simply by answering these questions and providing the right information to people based on your individual circumstances.

Depending on your subject area, you can earn a lot of money or simply answer questions professionally. Make your due diligence before you sign up for any website where you have the answers in the money and port insurance that is a source of good reputations.

17 – Create video tutorials on YouTube

This is certainly a long-term strategy and there are no rich studios at night but create attractive and thoughtful video tutorials and publish them on sites like YouTube could generate a substantial amount of long-term passive income depending on how well recorded videos can ,

Find a niche and stay with it. Create a YouTube channel and find something that can give a good value for money to people in this area or the niche. Remember, however, that it takes considerable time and investment before this compensation.

18 – Development of educational services in Udemy

The Udemy is one of my favorite places to sell teaching events. In fact, you can check out the courses I have for sale on the site here. Udemy is a great place to create technical courses that allow people to do a complicated job or to learn research skills.

In my courses I taught things like web development, search engine optimization and graphic design, but you can teach almost everything about Udemy. However, there is a huge competition here, but it is an excellent source of passive income if you can create a course that people will love.

19 – Become a virtual assistant

If you become a virtual assistant, you will not pay huge sums of money, if you are a digital nomad in a cheap city of life, it could be something that pays your bills. This requires a considerable amount of organization and some technical skills to be successful.

As long as you have the basics of programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and you are an effective communicator who is able to meet deadlines, you can consider yourself a virtual assistant.

 20 – Teaching other than virtual tutor

Would you like to teach others directly? You can be a virtual tutor and participate in individual tutoring sessions or even online hosts to help people directly with any number of topics. It’s great to teach new languages ​​to people. If you have a second language knowledge, this could be the right option to generate money quickly and easily.

Of course, you can teach a few things. This could range from technical to non-technical skills. For example, you can use a website like VerbalPlanet to teach a language or try to get customers directly through social media or other channels and process your payments through PayPal.

21 – Write articles for other Websites

The last, but not least, is the writing of articles. Depending on your level of written skills, you can always find work by writing articles for other people. First, it will not pay much, especially if you have small examples or tickets. But like anything else, you can build it over time.

You can also ask a number of other questions related to writing, such as writing texts for descriptions, emails, or other sales-related content. Make your due diligence to find out what are the current rates for writing articles, and even try to find a mentor if you are serious about making money online using this method.