7 Working and Practical Ways to Prevent Your Mobile from Overheating

Have you ever watched your Android phone overheat and hardly unable to keep holding it? If your answer is YES, Then this is the perfect time to take care of the health of your Android phone. With the rise of the turbocharger or simply because of the hot sun heat, your Android device can be overheated, causing potential damage.

So here are five tips for saving your Android phone from overheating and increasing the lifetime of your device.

1.Download Cooling Apps

Yes, you read well; There are many cooling applications like the ones on the Internet that help reduce the temperature of the Android phone processor. These applications are small and effective to monitor the CPU and battery heating system and prevent your phone from getting hot. These applications constantly control the ambient temperature and adjust the processes of the phone according to the conditions. Also, leave your Android phone aside for a few minutes and let it cool down.

              Android Cooling Apps

2.Charge your Android phone in the Proper way

Reloading plays an important role in overheating and battery health. You need to properly charge your Android phone so you can run well in the long run. First, never keep your phone on the bed or bed during charging.

Another point that needs to be cultivated is the nightly pricing. Charging at night can take advantage of the battery life and increase the temperature of your Android device. In addition, you should avoid using mobile cases to reduce overheating conditions.

If you can not avoid complete cases, regarding the security of your Android phone, at least remove them during the charging process.

3. Keep the phone away from sweat and direct sunlight.

Electronic devices always tend to warm up in direct sunlight. So try to keep them in a cool place or shade to avoid any problem.
Even during the summer season, you must strictly restrict your phone in a tight pocket or in areas that can sweat. Try to keep them in big bags or in a bag or bag. Welding will not only damage the telephone battery, it can also damage the touchscreen

          Keep the phone away from sweat and direct sunlight

4. Do not forget to kill background applications after use.

We often forget to close applications that work in the background and simply press the “Start” button to end an application.

By clicking the “Start” button is a quick and easy way to terminate an application, but do not forget to close the application completely. Applications that run in the background, use lots of battery and keep the processor running.

                        kill battery draining apps in android

5.Stop using 3rd party batteries and chargers
Using third-party batteries and chargers can cause serious damage to your Android phone. You should always familiarize yourself with the accessories of the same company as your phone, especially with chargers. The use of devices with different wattages can affect the life of the device and can lead to overheating.

                                3rd party batteries and chargers

6. Stop Using mobile Phone cases
Attractive and attractive cases and mobile cases can be one of the biggest reasons why your Android phone will overheat so quickly. Again, this is one of the problems that can easily be overlooked by Android phone owners. A telephone may overheat during the performance of high-performance tasks, but due to the presence of a movable cover, the telephone is unable to provide heat. The material of the box is plastic or leather, and both types of cases help to catch the heat in the restriction of the Android device to cool.

                                              mobile Phone cases

7. Oftenly Scan For Virus
In the world of technology, malware and viruses are the biggest threat. You can affect your Android operating system in many ways and cause a malfunction. Malware creators are only interested in the data on your device, and it is your responsibility to protect yourself and the health of your Android phone. Always invest in a good antivirus to run your Android phone consistently.

                        Oftenly Scan For Virus



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