7 Reasons Why You Should Start Programming Today

Hey you It is no coincidence that you are finished by reading this publication. Obviously, you are a cunning person and you want to learn everything about this “programming”. Meanwhile, other people have not dared to look for such a thing; they will say, “I would never learn programming,” but you did it, and that’s why you think you’ve just learned how to program.

This publication does not cover how to write a code. It will also not cover the complex things you can hear as “C Sharp” or “version control”. Instead, go straight to the main point: the question of why programming works and why you should use it.

What is programming?

Programming is the act of doing things for computers. Something like apps on a phone or web pages that you visit! These things do not just appear on the computer screen. Someone has to do it. Someone has to program it.

Okay, it’s great and everything, but you can ask:

What has that got to do with me?

Programming is a pretty cool art all by itself. The programming possibilities are practically endless and you learn a ton. I’ve been programming for years and I’m learning new things every day!

Imagine creating the thing you wanted to do. What you thought was really cool, but no one has ever done it. Or, imagine that you are creating a site or application that uses thousands of users. Are you still excited? You should be!

I have created this list of reasons to program from my own experience. It’s like a collection of all the great things that happened to me after I started to program. I hope that these reasons encourage you to consider the program.


Programming is more than just writing code. There are many different programming languages, all aimed at doing a job: doing things for the computer. Common programming languages ​​include JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. There are other programming languages ​​like C, Java, PHP and Haskell. Oh, by the way, you can program your own programming language!

Just as French is different from Spanish, each programming language is different! Many share common features (think of all the French words used in English). Try to find a list of the programming languages ​​and choose the one that suits you best.


Have you ever heard of a programmer? Rather, this is where you work, in a school or in a book, programming has a great list of vocabulary to know. Do not let this frighten you. Just understand, start programming. Things like variables and functions. Sounds familiar The concepts will be similar to those of your middle class of mathematics; However, no mathematical experience is required. I learned the programming before learning “x” and “y” in mathematics. If you can count from 1 to 10, you can program.

Contradictory, if you’re good at math, I do not think you’ll be right at programming. It takes time and effort to learn something. Background knowledge may help, but the main concepts do not require known logarithms, boundaries, or any other complex mathematics.


This is nothing new: computers and other technologies will continue to gain in popularity. Now is the time to learn and understand how to do these things. Even if you’re a beginner in programming, you’ll know a lot more than someone who has not tried.

Have you ever wanted your own application or website before, for yourself or a product that you thought? Many others felt the same, and if you can plan, these people will want to hire you. Of course you can also stage in entrepreneurship and also start your own business!


It is the 21st century; We always use computers time, we like it or not, but do you know how to control your computer? What if I told you that you can make your computer what you want to do? Well, you can, with programming!

Programming is often used to quickly perform tasks that a person will never do. Imagine if you had more than 9,000 photos on your computer and wanted to rename each file by date. You can: A) select the first file, check its date, right-click the file to rename, rename file to date and move to file two or B) write a program to recap each file File after the date was taken.

Let’s take the option B. Do you see how I described it? It is more direct; is more accurate. This brings me to the next point.


When you start to think like a programmer, you will begin to relate the terms of programming to real life. Although others do not understand this connection, I think that these relationships are useful for everyday life. You may have heard the phrase “pragmatic programming”. This basically means that you decide with confidence. In other words, you are able to solve problems more effectively.

Remember your example in the previous section. Maybe you will manually rename all files. Or maybe you have to give up and do not rename the files and say it would take too long. When you start thinking like a programmer, make “complicated” tasks like this will start to feel easy. You’ll be like a superhero programming.


No matter how much you try to avoid, your friends will be envious. Maybe they want to know how to make apps or games. It is a good wish; they understand the power of computers and their power to learn how to program.

From time to time, your friends may ask you to program for free, create a website for your business, or create an application for your product. Remember that programming is a real race. a real job. No matter how convincing they may be, do not forget to treat them like any other person you can work with.

Some friends may ask for help with programming. This is a good time to increase your abilities and that of your friends. Maybe you can create an application together? Help yourself if you use the same programming language!


Probably the best thing about programming is this: You can do everything you want. Rather, it is an application to increase your productivity, a social networking mini for your friends, a complex color wheel for the art class or a website for your restaurant. Programming allows you to create everything.

You can combine programming with your other careers. You can use programming with writing to create a story or an interactive book. This is just an example of what you can do with programming. For me, I am currently using programs to promote education, among others.

Okay, you should be promoted now super. Programming is a fun experience, and you get so much in the process! Once you understand the basics of programming, you will be able to do the things you want to do better and better!

It’s time to ask:

Where do I begin?

Google! (or your favorite search engine). Programming is an important topic for you to find everything on the internet without the need for books. Think about what you want to do, then browse the web in relation to this topic. You can gain as much introductory knowledge this way, as well as the programming language you need to learn. This is the key! You do not want to write something in X language when it is easier to write in Y language.

From there, search for online tutorials to guide you along the way. There are blogs and other websites that specifically teach programming as well as quality services that are aimed at educating programmers.

I will not promote links here, but you have already experienced or experienced one of these pages. I encourage you to search the web and try many different forms of learning until you find one that works for you.

In Conclusion

There are many advantages to learning how to program. I encourage all those who want to influence the world of technology to start the programming! This revolutionary thing called “programming” has changed my life and will also change you.

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