5 Unbelievable Technologies that will get a boost from Apple iPhone X

When the Apple X iPhone hits the shelves around the world in November, it will take over the new phone that the world is aiming for.

It is a USP that Apple has been cultivating since the launch of the first iPhone a decade ago. While for a major portion of the first half of this decade, Android phones just come after another catch-up with an iPhone killer to come in the way, these phones have introduced features introduced in recent years, the apple does not.

So even with the iPhone X, most of the features that are launched are those that have had Android phones for a couple of years.

But the difference here is that with Apple adopting these technologies, they gain legitimacy and the ecosystem is present by announcing that this function is here to stay.

From Wi-Fi to USB-C and even wireless audio, it was Apple’s adoption that gave these technologies the impetus needed.

Android manufacturers can not give this impulse because the ecosystem does not know how long they are supported by a brand.

This time with the iPhone X, Apple’s weight has lagged behind some technologies that have been around for a while but not for better times for them. Here is a list:

5.Edge-to-edge display

The Bevelless screen had been Samsung for a while, until almost this year, all jumped into the car. In fact, the Bevelless phone is manufactured by the Indian manufacturer Micromax. With the sporty iPhone X, you can be sure that all manufacturers are under pressure to offer at least one phone with the same functionality. They will also be under pressure to offer the same as several prizes. For at least a year, this is the standard for high-end mobile phones.

Apple iPhone X Display

4.Face Identification (Face Recognition)

With Apple showing the button to launch the door on the iPhone X, the new face detection feature was introduced to support the phone disconnection. Unlike Samsung, which uses an iris scanner, Apple writes the full face of the user to unlock the phone. This is one of the sweetest implementations of the technology and it seems much more natural to unlock your fingerprints. While Apple is already connected to Apple Pay, you will see and try out applications all over the world and use it as a simple means of payment authentication. Other uses also, such as checking the person at the other end to avoid identity theft. The possibilities are endless.

iPhone X Face Id Recognition

3.Wireless Charging

Apple has adopted the Qi standard for wireless pricing, which has existed for many years, but has never been widely accepted. Although this means that bad news for other players in the segment like the AirFuel Alliance, the wireless charge that comes to the iPhone is the best news this industry has had for years. Although Samsung has been wirelessly loaded for years, the segment is not really stimulated. Well, manufacturers like Belkin came up with the products even before the first iPhones charged wireless began to sell. It will not be long before you see the wireless charge on cars, airports, restaurants and hotel rooms around the world.

Wireless Charging

2.Reality enhancement

AR has been listed as a trend technology for many years, although we have not really achieved it. This will change this year when the developers come to the queue to better use Apple’s ARKit, which gets hardware support with the Bionic A11 chip on new iPhones. Compared to Android, where phones like the Asus Zenfone AR are tailor-made to display technology, the new iPhones will allow all users to play with virtual robots in the living room. And since it is simply the Apple ecosystem that allows developers to generate serious money, you can see an excellent software innovation in this space in the coming months.

1.Dual cameras

While Apple has even released its first dual camera a year ago, the technology takes its time to be perfect. The company Cupertino promises that the experience with the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X will be much better. As the hardware continues to evolve, there will be a lot of software innovations that use the data generated by the camera to provide better photos and other features. Again, all brands will be under pressure to offer at least one phone with dual camera offer.


Dual Cameras on iPhone X


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