36 Incredible Strange World facts you probably Didn’t Know

Some facts in history, science, geography and mathematics are so crazy that they appear wrong, but in reality they are completely true. Sometimes a friend throws a fact that appears wrong, which appears wrong and false. However, the following facts seem wrong, but are really TRUE.
Below are the 36 most amazing unbelievable but true facts
36. If the earth calendar was compressed in one year, people would only appear at 11:58 on 31 December.

35. If you could dig a hole in the middle of the earth and drop something, it would take 42 minutes for the object to arrive.

34. We went to the moon and thought of putting the wheels in the suitcases.

33. On Saturn and Jupiter it rains with diamonds.

32. Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.

31. The younger known mother was 5 years old.

30. The ground is softer than a billiard ball when both are the same size.

29. If you take all the molecules in a teaspoon of water and end-to-end lines in a single file line, they will increase by 30 billion miles.

28. Mammoths lived when the Great Pyramid was built.

27. The lighter was invented before the game.

26. The average chocolate has eight insect bones.

25. Right-handers live an average of nine years longer than
the left.

24. It’s impossible to die with grass You will not be
able to maintain adequate motor control and awareness to do so
such a large quantity (healthy human understanding)

23. Uncle Phil, by fresh Prince of Bel-Air, gave the
Shredder in TMNT cartoon.

22. Every drop of sea water contains about one billion gold atoms.

21. The national anthem of the United States actually has three lines, but all
just know it

20. During the Second World War, IBM built computers used by the Nazis
Manage their death camps / concentration.

19. The overall weight of the world’s ant-population is heavier
than the weight of the human population.

18. The deadliest war in history, except the Second World War, was
War in China in the 1850s, when the rebels were led by a man who
he thought he was the brother of Jesus Christ.

17. Almost 3 people are born every second and about 1 3333 people
they die every second. The result is net growth of 2 and 2/3
People every second. Almost 10 other lives on this earth now,
before you read that.

16. Happy Birthday (the song) is copyrighted.

15. The number of people living on earth is now higher than
Number of deceased. Never.

14. The average American consumes 1.2 pounds of spider a year and
eats 2.5 pounds of insects a year.

13. The episode of Simpsons Kamp Krusty was originally intended for
like the Simpsons movie.

12. Men can breastfeed babies.

11. There is a rare disease called Explosive Head Syndrome
You’ve probably never heard of it.

10. The scientists have noted that mushrooms are more numerous
People and animals than other plants.

9. In some (perhaps all) Asian countries the surname is written
first and second individual names (opposite America
Method). This is why Asian athletes such as Yao Ming and Ichiro Suzuki
Yao and Ichiro wrote on their shirts. It is his family
Names and in America their names are written Ming Yao and Suzuki

8. In 1860 Abe Lincoln bought 50 cents of cocaine

7. A German submarine from the Second World War was sunk because of a toilet disturbance.

6. Washington State has the longest beach in the United States.
Long Beach, WA.

5. The greatest living being on the face of the earth is a mushroom
Subway in Oregon, is three and a half miles in diameter.

4. The city of Los Angeles, California, was originally called El Pueblo
Our Lady of the Queen of the Angels of Porciuncola.

3. 9 out of 10 believe that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.
That is not true; Joseph Swan did it

2. Honey is the only food that is not spoiled. Honey found in the
The tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs were tested and found by archaeologists

1. The world’s population can live within the confines of the federal state of Texas.

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