Top Snipping Tools for Mac

Do you want to snip and paste on your Mac? You have come to the right place because here we will give you the best snipping tools for Mac OS.

It’s no wonder that you want to snip on a Mac. Many people want to take screenshots of their desktop. Here are some reasons you may need snipping tools for your Mac:

You need to make tutorial videos for students
You want to share your screen with friends
Your work requires you to take a screenshot and send it to someone
Snipping tools for Mac can help you keep records of important documents that you can’t download

Bloggers and computer users rely on snipping tools for their everyday life. Below, you will find the best apps to help you capture your screen.


Top Snipping Tools for Mac

Before you go ahead and download a tool for your needs, it’s important to know that snipping tools for Mac aren’t all the same.

Some tools allow you to take a screenshot of your full desktop, while others allow you to capture selected areas on your desktop.

Similarly, some tools let you zoom into the area you want to capture, as well as add graphics and text to the screenshots.


If you need to take screenshots on your Mac, the first thing to try is the native screen capture tool (Grab) that comes pre-installed on your computer. Here is how to use this tool:
Press Command + Shift + 3 together to take a screenshot of your desktop at any time
You can also take a screenshot of a boxed area using Command + Shift + 4
To take a screenshot of a particular window on your desktop, press Command + Shift + 4 + Space keys when the particular window is active

Once you have taken a screenshot, simply press Command + Shift + 3 + Control to copy it to the clipboard.


If for any reason, you want to extend the functionality of your built-in screenshot tool, you will need to try a third-party app. These apps come with many additional features that make them better than Mac’s built-in tool.

Here are some of the best snipping tools for Mac. Pick the one that gives you the features you want.
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Snagit lets you capture your Mac desktop with ease. This tool not only gives you basic image capturing but it also allows you to record the screen, as well.

Snagit is a powerful tool with plenty of advanced features to impress users.


  • Capture desktop
  • Easily take a screenshot of scrolling screens
  • Capture video stills
  • Create animated gifs from captured screens
  • Easy image editing
  • Add text, stamps, shapes, and emoticons
  • Capture the full desktop or a particular window
  • Users can also capture a particular selected area using this tool


Jing is easily one of the best snipping tools for Mac. It’s visually pleasing and offers many premium features.

This tool is easy to use. You simply use the drag-and-select feature to indicate the area you want to capture and then take the screenshot with a single click.


  • Capture active windows
  • Take screenshots of scrolling text
  • Capture full desktop, active window, or only the selected area
  • Record video of your desktop activity
  • Screenshots are easy to share with your friends and can be sent via email
  • Tons of visual elements to add to your captured images, such as annotations, highlights, captions, and so on
  • Hundreds of effects and text tools to help you create powerful screenshots


When it comes to snipping tools for Mac, you can’t ignore Lightshot. Like other top tools, it offers you plenty of features to make your experience worthwhile.

Lightshot is a fast tool that incorporates many social elements. It enhances your images and allows you to go beyond Mac’s default tool.

FEATURESCapture screens using drag-and-select
Find similar images after you capture a screenshot
Use various image enhancing tools to enhance your images
Easily share your images with your friends on social media
Simply and intuitive user interface
Available for Mac, Windows, and Chrome OS


Nimbus is a browser-based screen capture tool. You don’t have to install it on your system like other snipping tools for Mac.

Nimbus is great for capturing browser windows. You can capture an area and then use the cropping feature to fix your image dimensions.
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Robust screenshot app for your browser
Great editor interface for easy customization
Edit screens after capturing the image
Add objects to your images
Capture images using the browser address bar, context menu, or set up a hotkey to be used with Nimbus
Easily create a freehand drawing on the image
Record videos with this app
Option to save images in various formats


ScreenCloud is among the top snipping tools for Mac. It allows you to capture and share your screen with your friends.

ScreenCloud is a unique snipping tool for Mac since it comes with a cloud sharing website. You can upload images to the cloud and share the URL with your friends.

Snip and share your screen with ScreenCloud
No installation required, as the tool works as a browser extension
Upload images to ScreenCloud website for quick sharing
Share your screenshots on popular image sharing websites, such as Imgur and Dropbox
Use drag-and-select feature to capture exactly the area of your desktop you need
Use a hotkey or simply click on the screenshot button in your browser
Easy to save images on your desktop


Apowersoft Mac Screenshot is a powerful screen capturing tool for Mac. Just like other snipping tools for Mac in this list, this app also surpasses the built-in Mac tool for capturing your desktop.

FEATURESTake a screenshot of your entire desktop or capture a selected area
You can save the image in a format of your choice
The tool offers plenty of editing options to get the desired result
Upload or share your screens with a single click
Zoom in on your screen before capturing for clearer text

Many users want to install a third-party snipping tool on their Mac since the built-in tool only offers basic functionality.

The tools we discussed above offer many extended features that will help you make the most of your screenshots. You can annotate, add text, and use various graphic elements to improve your images.
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