WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version 6.70 (2019)

Last Updated on 20th April 2019
Do you want to use 4 WhatsApp Accounts on your device? If yes, then it is possible with the WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android SmartPhone.

Actually, The official WhatsApp Plus is no more because Mark Zuckerberg banned the users of MOD apk and even WA Team sent the legal notices to the developer.

They did not stop there, and they did something we called egotist. As per the words of the creator of plus version, they banned his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

This is insane right? Anyway, the developer named Rafalense created the Plus Version at first. Now, there is no project developing by him under WA Tree.

But he has a separate app which is named similar to his previous work. Plus messenger is an instant messaging app which is working with the help of Telegram API. It has a lot more features than a telegram.

Now, here we will give you the best WhatsApp Plus Clone version since there are so many clones available. It will help you to use 4 Accounts on the same Android device.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

Currently, we have the best clone for you which is made by Abo2Sadam. One of the interesting things is it is also based on GBWhatsApp APK. A well known popular wamod which is specially dedicated to the users who wanted more features over official one.

Although many wamods being developed based on GBWA, still I prefer YoWhatsApp APK over them. It is my best choice for you if you are not a big fan of Advertisements.

I hope you get that.

Even, this WhatsApp Plus don’t have ads so you can also go with this one if you are a big fan of Blue WA.

The extraordinary thing is; you can able to use 4 WA Accounts on the same Android device but with different numbers only.

The well-optimised version you don’t experience any lag while using this application. Abo2Sadam did a great job regarding the features.

Once read these.

There is no need to bother about the banning of your account. It is wholly banned proof mod which allows you to use it for free. It’s impressive, right?

Well, you can use this app with any further doubts. So, why don’t you give a try?
Use 4 WA Accounts

You will be surprised to hear that if you are skipped my words in previous paragraphs. Okay, again I am telling you guys this will allow you to run 4 WA accounts on the same device.

But, you have to download different WhatsApp Plus APK’s from our Download page. So, with this you can able to login with 4 different accounts.

A very much needed feature who have more than 3 accounts. Having 4 WA Accounts is a somewhat crazy thing. Isn’t?
Themes and Customisation

Mainly modding apps are popular because of its deep customisation and additional theming feature. Many people want different look every day.

It is only for them who make it different than the normal one.

Several customisation features are embedded here on this application. You can find them all in the settings.

What thing you can Customise
Conversation Screen
Main/Chat Screen
Popup Notification
Media Sharing
Some more

More options >> Themes/customisation
Video player

Are you bored of using default video player on WhatsApp? Then there is the solution for you. With this app, you can change the Default Video Player with any other which you most like.

My recommendation is Use Mx Player Pro for an Ad-Free experience and comes with tons of features.

More Options >> Other Mods >> Video Player

Updates are crucial, right? Without updates, we won’t get any better features and security patches. It will be updated as per the official version.

Some features will be taken from the GBMods team since it is based on GBWhatsApp.
Remaining Mods

Still, there are so many mods yet to be discussed.

Lock – Lock your Whatsup 🤣 with a passcode. Enable it to secure your cat data.

Always Online – Help you to stay online when your screen goes off. Internet needed 😋

Backup data – Backup your data to update the latest version of Whatsapp Plus APK. You can get a full backup like titanium backup.

Disable Voice calls – You won’t receive any calls when you enable this option.

Anti delete – Sender cannot have access to delete their chat message.

and More

Download WhatsApp Plus APK 6.70 on Android

This plus version is not available in the playstore because it is not an official version of WhatsApp Inc. So, here is the way to download WhatsApp Plus APK officially by Abo2Sadam

Are you done with the reading features?

Let’s jump into the download link


Now, you are good to go.
How to Install WhatsApp Plus APK?

Somewhat it is one of the easiest guides to install on your android device. There is no hard thing behind the installation process. All you need just to concentrate while reading below steps.

Note: Don’t Uninstall Official version without taking backup.
Step 1

Download APK from our Site or Here
Step 2

Now, Backup your chats from the Official Whats App
Step 3

Uninstall Playstore Version.

Now, tap on the WhatsApp Plus APK to install on your device.

It may ask you to enable Unknown sources if you didn’t enable that. Just Enable it to install.

Step 4

Finally, you installed it correctly. Just open the app and Sign in with your Phone number.

Once you verified with the OTP, you received.
Step 5

The next page you will be asked to restore your Chat Backup.

Restore it. Holla!

All set, just open the settings and do whatever you want.
Final Words

I didn’t find any better features in this WhatsApp Plus APK over FMWhatsApp APK. If you have time, then I recommended you to look FMWA. You may be surprised after reading its features.

Even, we have Minimal versions of this kinda of mods. If you like Lite Mods, then look the GBWhatsApp MiNi and RoyalWhatsApp Transparent.

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