Patch expert calls on Microsoft execs to fix Windows updating

Microsoft’s patching, updating and upgrading of Windows – in particular Windows 10 – is a mess that the company needs to clean up, according to responses to a questionnaire circulated among business IT administrators.

But Microsoft doesn’t get that there’s a problem. Or if it does, it’s not willing to say so. Instead, it touted a set of “guiding principles” for servicing Windows that it has not followed, argued the patch expert who distributed the questionnaire and urged Microsoft’s top executives to heed the feedback.

“If Microsoft cannot see that [those who are] in charge of patching [are] now waiting and not immediately sending out updates [to workers], then Microsoft isn’t listening to [its] customer base,” said Susan Bradley in an email reply to questions. “If Microsoft is not realizing that [its] enterprise customers are having issues with the timing of the feature updates, then Microsoft is not listening to their enterprise customers.”

Bradley is a computer network and security consultant and moderates the mailing list, where business IT administrators discuss update tradecraft. She also writes for, the Windows tip site run by Woody Leonard, a Computerworld blogger.

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