Network World: Edge, Intent-based networking are all the rage; IT networking budgets rise

As distributed resources from wired, wireless, cloud and Internet of Things networks grow, the need for a more intelligent network edge is growing with it.

Network World’s 8th annual State of the Network survey shows the growing importance of edge networking, finding that 56% of respondents have plans for edge computing in their organizations.

Typically, edge networking entails sending data to a local device that includes compute, storage and network connectivity in a small form factor. Data is processed at the edge, and all or a portion of it is sent to the central processing or storage repository in a corporate data center or infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud.

 “Computing is moving closer to the edge of the network, giving organizations the ability to analyze data in near real-time,” the study says.  “Edge computing reduces latency because data does not have to traverse over a network to a data center or cloud for processing.”

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