Microsoft’s decision to rejoin Movies Anywhere is a single step toward regaining consumer trust

Microsoft’s consumer ambitions have floated in a sort of limbo since late 2017, when Microsoft shuttered Groove Music, one of its last user-facing services. Microsoft’s move to rejoin the Movies Anywhere service is a step toward renewing customer confidence.

As the name suggests, linking your Microsoft Account to Movies Anywhere will allow you to take any movie or TV show you purchased from Microsoft and play it on any other service that Movies Everywhere supports: Vudu, Amazon, Apple’s iTunes and Google Play, among others. By extension, that also means that you can view those movies or TV shows on those platform’s apps, which includes phones, PCs, and smart TVs. Microsoft also said that it will gift users a movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, if they connect their accounts to the service.

Microsoft used to be part of the Disney Anywhere ecosystem, which allowed users who had purchased any of Disney’s movies to view them on multiple platforms. But when Disney evolved Disney Anywhere into Movies Anywhere—partnering with several other studios in the process—Microsoft’s Movies & TV app stopped being supported.

After that split, consumers had no real assurance that their purchased movies would be viewable outside of the Windows Movies & TV app. Worse still, with the demise of Windows phones, users were left with just one viewing method, to connect a PC to a TV to watch them. It was also uncertain what would happen if Microsoft shuttered the service entirely. All these circumstances were major roadblocks for consumers wishing to purchase a movie from Microsoft.

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