The state of wireless charging: 2018 and beyond

While wireless charging pads have become more commonplace over the past year or so – spurred on by Apple’s release of its iPhone 8 and X lines and the company’s upcoming AirPower wireless charger – the future of wireless charging may still be up in the air.

The ability to charge hardware over distances of several meters has always seemed just around the corner, even when companies first announced the technology years ago. Now, however, some of the companies behind wireless charging have announced partnerships with electronics industry stalwarts, paving the way for actual product shipments.

Israel-based Wi-Charge plans to unveil the names of its first vendor partners, who’ll be integrating the technology into their products, at the Mobile World Conference Americas Sept. 12-14 in Los Angeles.

Once the company begins licensing its technology, which uses infrared beams to transmit power, products should ship soon after – likely early in 2019, according to Yuval Boger, Wi-Charge’s chief marketing officer.

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