Google finally throws some weight behind on-premises services

One of the early knocks on Google’s cloud services is that it assumed a pure cloud play for every customer and had virtually nothing for supporting on-premises systems. While that might work for smaller businesses looking to shut down their data center and move to the cloud, those customers were in the minority.

At this week’s Google Cloud Next ’18 show, Google reversed course and acknowledged the on-premises market with the announcement of the Cloud Services Platform, an integrated suite of cloud services designed for organizations with workloads that are staying on premises.

“CIOs tell me they now realize they’re going to be shutting down their data centers,” Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene said in her Next keynote address. “And the other thing they say, looking at their workloads, there’s just a tiny, tiny fraction that are in the cloud. That we must be very early.”

The Cloud Services Platform puts on-prem and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources into a consistent development, management, and control paradigm, designed to make a consistent experience between the two. Oftentimes, cloud services operate differently from on-prem and require different skill sets.

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