Amazon Prime Day 2018: Get An Extra Five Bucks On Gift Cards

Amazon Prime Day is upon us, offering deep discounts for all the good boys and girls who also happen to be Amazon Prime subscribers. If you’re eyeing some bargain prices to treat yourself, you may want to take advantage of a little bonus offer that effectively stacks a tiny discount atop a discount.

Purchasing at least $25 in Amazon gift cards with a promo code will get you $5 in Amazon credit. That means you could purchase and redeem your own gift card and claim the credit for yourself, or just get a little extra from a gift for someone else. Note that the credit is only promised to appear within two days, which could put it well past the Prime Day sales period, so don’t wait to claim the $5 code before making your Prime Day purchases. Plus be sure to enter the promo code in the link above.

Of course, to make any Prime Day purchase you need to be a Prime member. If you aren’t a member, sign up for a free trial to take advantage of the discounts. Prime Day ends the evening of Tuesday, July 17, and some deals are only available for a limited time. Check out our roundups of the best bargains below.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Coverage

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