Altice Mobile names Jean-Charles Nicolas Sr. VP. So, what’s next?

Wireless has been growing and changing for decades. Now, the cable television companies are going wireless. First it was Comcast with Xfinity Mobile last year. Then Charter with Spectrum Mobile will enter soon. Next Altice USA will enter wireless next year. In fact, Altice Mobile just named their new head of mobile, senior VP, Jean-Charles Nicolas. So, what can we expect next?

After Comcast entered wireless a year ago with Xfinity Mobile, we wondered whether they would be successful or not. They have a different set of goals, but after a year it looks like so far, they are successful. Charter is getting ready to enter wireless and it looks like they will follow the same path as Comcast. Will they be successful as well? They both are MVNO players and re-sell Verizon Wireless services.

Next year, Altice Mobile will enter wireless and they will very likely take a similar path. They will also be an MVNO, but they will re-sell Sprint, not Verizon Wireless. Of course, that’s assuming there is still a Sprint, since they are currently trying to merge with T-Mobile. Will Altice succeed in wireless?

Will Charter Spectrum Mobile and Altice Mobile be as successful as Comcast Xfinity Mobile?

These three cable television companies are entering wireless. With that said, we can’t assume they will automatically succeed at the same level. There is one thing I do not understand. If wireless is such an important new slice to the pie for these cable television companies, why are Charter and Altice taking so long to enter? It makes no sense.

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