15 Incredibly Mind-Blowing Facts That Sound Like false But Are Actually True

People always say that life is like drama, and the reality fascinates you sometimes more than fictional stories. Below is a list of examples that show the statement!
1.Chicago was artificially increased in 1860.
The city of Chicago was built several meters in the 1860s without interrupting everyday life to solve the drainage problem. All buildings, shopping centers, walkways and hotels were built with screws.
2.A parasite that becomes a language
There is a parasite called Cymothoa exigua. This parasite can destroy the language of a fish and then replace the language for the rest of its life, become essentially a living, parasitic, but completely functional and harmless language.
3.The legs of the tiger are so powerful that they can stand even when they are deadThe legs of the tiger are so powerful, they can go up, even if they are dead. Sometimes, when the tigers were slaughtered, they bleed and died while they were still.
4. During the First World War, the United States paid the Germans a license fee for every US Springfield rifle because a court ruled in 1905 that the new US rifle was a direct copy of the German KAR 98, made in 1898 and the best gun in the world at this time. Even if the Americans were at war with the Germans, they paid for every rifle.
5. An angry American naval officer exploded almost the entire US Cabinet, including the US President because he was jealous of another man, John Ericcson, one of the best engineers in history. Ericcson had invented a particularly deadly navy weapon that needed reinforced steel strips to prevent their explosion when fired, but this officer wanted the contract, so he made a lighter and cheaper weapon without bands and said it was better for the rehearsals the entire Cabinet of the United States joined forces with President John Tyler, 1847 on the USS Princeton, the world’s most advanced war ship, powered by steam and the use of another John Ericcson propeller. After lunch the Cabinet went on deck to see the gun, but Tyler stayed down to eat a second serving. As they fired the pistol, they exploded, killed Tyler’s wife, the US vice-president, and a group of other dignitaries.
6. When the Titanic sank, she hit the American flag, though it was a British ship. This is because JP Morgan bought White Starline and the Titanic just before sailing.
7. In the 1930s, the US Republican Party was so indignant at Franklin Roosevelt that they had anticipated an armed inversion of the US government and had hired the naval general Smedley Butler to lead the army against the US government. And be the head of the new government. Butler was a high-powered war hero, two medals of honor and a zealous Republican, but he was disgusted by the betrayal of his party, so he became informative and the coup was blocked.
8. The oldest permanent plant in the world is located in Arlington, Massachusetts, where the Schwamb Mill, which was founded in the early 1600s, continues to produce oval frames with much of the same equipment. Towers, saws etc. are powered by belt of the roof and to the energy of the fumes of the 1980s, and until the 19th century the mill was powered by a hydraulic wheel. Each portrait of the President of the United States in the White House is surrounded by an oval frame of the old mill Schwamb.
9. Bangladesh has more people than Russia.
Russia can cover 9 time zones and cover more area than Pluto as the largest country in the world, but small Bangladesh (slightly larger than the size of the New York State) has a population of 156.6 million people. Russia has 143.5 million.
10. Alaska is the eastern, western and northern United States.
Alaska is, of course, the northernmost state in the United States, but thanks to its Aleutians Alaska is as far as the edge of the western hemisphere in the 180 ° long line and in the eastern hemisphere (on the edge of the Russian Federation).This makes it one of the northernmost, western and eastern United States. Hawaii is the southernmost state.
11. The Santa Claus now wears a red and white suit, thanks to a Coca-Cola campaign in the 1920s that attracted him in his company colors. Before that he was dressed in a green hunter and was not too fat.
12. American women shave their armpits because, after the end of the First World War, Schick Razor had a surplus of 17,000,000 blades made for the army that did not want to get rid of them, they launched a campaign to remove excessive swords. The slogan was “as gentle as the French women,” who did not shave, of course. Their surprise was over when the women were crazy by shaving and stimulating a whole industry.
13. US radio transmitters are considered to be ships. When the wireless radio first began, it was made for ships and under the control of the US Navy. When the first coastal stations began to operate, the Navy did not know what to do with them, so they were given the four-letter designation for ships. When the FCC took over, the bureaucracy was well established and so it remained.
14. The Wright Brother aircraft was offered to the Smithsonian of Orville Wright, but was rejected because they said it was not the first airplane. So the Wrights gave it to a museum in England where they say until 1947 when the Smithsonian asked the family to give themselves what they were doing, assuming that they were always the c “was the first plane to success It is not a creator of Connecticut struck the Wrights in 3 years, though his designs are nowhere and nothing to add to the modern aviation.The Smithsonian, while acknowledging that it is true, is legally obliged to say that Wrights aircraft brother the first plane was, although they know that this is not the case.
15. Up to 800AD the books were written in a long sentence without punctuation or even between words. At the time, Alcuin of York, widely regarded as the wisest man in the world, invented spaces, uppercase letters, punctuation marks, page numbers, and everything we now take for granted.

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