11 Fabulous Reasons Why some People Don’t answer their phones and Prefer Texting

When someone calls you, you interrupt what you work. The calls take control of you and give them to the caller. … So if they do not respond to your call, it is not because they are trying to be rude. This is because they want to keep things under their control and make the most of their day.

1. Distracts them

Some people find that calls are very boring. They prefer not to react particularly when working on something.

2. Fear to waste a lot of time

If a person expects the caller to speak for a long period of time, they can only answer calls to avoid wasting time. It is more likely if the person is already busy.

3. Sending text messages

Studies have shown that some people, especially thousands of thousands, prefer text messages to voice calls. In such a case, the person can choose not to respond to a text.

4. They are Type A

Type A personalities are more likely to ignore phone calls, especially when they are working. A-type personalities hate to waste time and can not answer a call unless they can predict the length of the call beforehand.

5. I do not want long arguments

Some people prefer to respond with text that responds to a call so as not to enter more arguments. In such a case, these people try to solve things quickly by responding with one or two messages.

6. You have not detected the number of

Some people do not prefer to answer a call from an unknown number. In such a case, these people will not accept a call if they do not have the caller’s number.

7. I do not want to speak in public

Some people do not like talking on their phones in public. They prefer to react privately when they are alone and therefore can not answer many of the calls they receive.

8. The vocation makes them unpleasant

People can not answer calls that make them unpleasant. A call can make a person unpleasant for many reasons, including shyness, do not know the caller’s good or bad expectations about the call.

9. You find the calls boring

For some people, phone calls are considered obtrusive. These people do not like the fact that phone calls penetrate their privacy.

10. They’re in the middle of something

A person could not answer a call because it is in the middle of something. These people usually answer their phones when they are free and when they can.

11 They are introverts

According to a quora thread, introverts are more likely to respond to lyrics than messages because they do not call the phone, especially when aliens are calling.

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