10 BreakThrough New-Car Features Coming For 2021

There used to be a time when the use of horse carts and early cars was debated. Guess who won that argument? Who would have thought that cars today would become more than our transport companion?

We have better, bigger and faster cars in 2021 that are comfortable, safer and laced with more features than we can name in a single sitting. In this post we take a look at the 10 breakthrough new car features that will be gracing us in 2018:

1. Adaptive cruise control:

Companies like Cadillac are incorporating driver assistance systems in their car which includes a lane-monitoring system, adaptive cruise control, forward auto braking. These functions will work in conjunction with the driver and use self-steering functions that are bound to be useful on multi-lane highways. An array of sensors built in the cars will help match the speed of the cars in front of you to maintain a safe distance.

2. Spa on wheels:

Mercedes will be rolling out its S-Class sedan that will come equipped with top luxury features unparalleled by any other automobile company in the world. The ENERGIZING comfort function will pave the way to massage functions, ambient lighting, heated seats and armrests, climate control and audio system programming. These mobile spas are designed keeping in mind the car passengers and will help promote muscles balance, relaxation, and activation. While you are on the lookout for car tech, how about getting your car serviced from a reliable automobile servicing expert within the UK. Be sure that you check out at Kwik Fit click here for some amazing discounts for all your car needs.

3. Semi-autonomous driving advancements:

There has been a lot of excitement about semi driving advancements with major automobile companies looking to dominate this field.  Tesla is one such company that is already ahead of the curve already having one its self-driven car driving itself all the way from Los Angeles to New York. General Motors is another company that is on par with Tesla having produced 130 vehicles that are capable of being self-driven automatically.

4. Auto emergency braking:

Automatic emergency braking (AEM) uses a variety of sensors to determine if there is a threat of a collision and automatically applies the car brakes to avoid and minimise any potential damage. Many companies look to follow suit in 2018 with the introduction of the AEM tech.

5. 360-degree camera:

Low-speed crashes are more common in cars and insurance companies have stacks of such claims where the driver has accidentally bumped his or her car because they could not see the sidewalk or were not able to anticipate turns. A 360-degree camera on cars looks to put cameras on every side of the car to give a complete top-down view of adjacent surroundings. This could very well assist you in parking your cars and show the sides of your garage or are parallelly parking your car in a parking spot.

6. Live streaming:

While live streaming is something not new, the automobile industry had yet to come on par with it and 2018 could finally be the year this happens. Now one may be able to watch live streams in the back of their car while they are on the move. The upcoming 2018 Navigator will be one of the very first cars to offer this facility to its patrons this year.

7. Instant Bluetooth:

Customers for long have been cribbing about lagging Bluetooth connections in their cars. This could finally change with the Near Field Technology (NFC) being rolled out by Honda in 2018. This will allow drivers to connect with their phones with a simple push of a button. Honda will be offering this with their midsize Accord Sedan this coming year.

8. Reserve parking spots:

Parking can be a huge hassle for motorists. While cars of today come equipped with a variety of features like proximity alarms, self-parking systems, and backup cameras. BMW is going to go a step further this year by allowing its users to reserve parking spots for themselves via an app called Parkmobile. This is currently valid in the US and Canada spanning across more than 250 cities and allows for reserved parking.

9. Apple and Google’s Infotainment systems:

Though infotainment systems are nothing new for cars but Apple’s Carplay and Google’s Android Auto are making this a serious business. Users now have the ability to plug in their smartphones and get simplified access to your phone contents like music, maps and also voice control features. Majority of automobile manufacturers have promised one of the two systems in their respective cars.

10. Teen monitoring tech:

Yes, you heard it right. Now you can keep a better eye on your teenagers every time they step on the gas. Many cars today have some kind of driver limitation tech in their cars but this is up for a revamp in 2018. Now a car will be capable of monitoring your kid if the seatbelts aren’t being used or the stereo’s playing on full blast etc.

So there we have a comprehensive list of the 10 significant new car features that will be dominating the year. Be sure to keep an eye on these new developments.

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